Wednesday, 7 October 2009


Hi-de-hi everybloggie. Been a while. Forget me did you while you were speaking to Miss Enid? Can you believe her cheek? Wheeling over on her wonkies and blabbing all over my bloggie. Bla bla bla. Foster Wheelie. Bla bla bla. OK. He looked sort of harmless. Maybe. You can never be sure. Thank dog. One less wheelie over here for me to keep my mince pies on. Make sure you've got your pies wide open to watch 'em the other side of the big pee.

Now. Got important things to bark about. Me. Me. Me. And my itchy scratchies. Cos I went to back to the specialist Dermatologist Dog Doctor for my allergy skin test. You can read about my first visit here and more about dog allergies here if you want to) The skin test had to be done while I was brimming over with them itchies. And scratchies. Take a looksee. What they did to me. Warning. It's not. Nowhere near. Nice.

Put me in the land of nod. Shaved a square of my wiries off and stuck a big old booboo with lines of holes onto my nekked square self. Then injected a squillion billion needles into the holes. Each with a different kind of itchy scratchies to determine 'xactly what sets me off. (They know it's not food) Took some of my blue blood for testing too!

Know what? When I came round from noddyland I peed practically a pint on the Dog Doctors floor!! Hah! Hah! That told 'em what I thought of it all. Seems. Sniff. Scratch. Boohoooo. I'm allergic to tons of types of trees. Gazzillions of grasses. Whole bunches of weeds. Household dust (Mom said *!^X#:* bout that one). Loads of other stuffies too. Specially DUSTY OLD WHEELIES STUFFIES. HAAAAAAAHHHH!!! Bye Bye wheelies. Nice knowing you. NOT.

But worse. Much worsest. No joke. I'm allergic to CATS DAN DARES. (shed cat skin).

Meeeeeow.OOOOWWWWWW. Bro is fast doling out his Dan Dares moves.

I give 'em back. Fair and Square. Really. THIS STINKS. We're bestest siblings. He waits by the front door every morning for me to return from my walkies...I cry if he mews to come into the room I'm in..we're often together....

for a quick snuggle. Or when he needs a good washing behind his ears ...

I do it for him. See bro use his Dan Dares on me again? The Bad Boy. Bad news too. Been dog-a-blogging sobbing. And not doing much blogging either. Sticking those allergies in sent me into itchy overdrive. And Mom into Eric watch 24/7. I'm staying on anti- histamines and fish/primrose oils for now. Good news is I'll start my new treatment early next year. Weekly injections of my known allergens to desensitise me. Crickey. Up to 2 years. Paws crossed our Dermo Dog Doctor says it helps in about 70% of cases. But me and Mom both dropped in a dead faint when she told Mom she would need to learn how to give me the injections. NOOOOOOOO. Thank Dog. I've had a better idea. Yeah. Get the foxy nursies in to do it. Agatha! Asta! Lacie! Koobus! That OK with you girlies? Ermmm.Can you wear your new tight nursie froxies? Smmmmoooooking!!! Hot To Trot. Bound to be the cure.

Mom Square. We're very sad about Eric's cat dander allergy diagnosis. We're hoping he's not too badly affected as his problems are seasonal while the cat sheds all year. Luckily Otis always sleeps upstairs day/night while Eric is always downstairs so I can keep them apart as much as possible but it would be hard on them, they've such a strong bond. I've read about a US product called "Allerpet" that helps eliminate cat dander by applying it to the cat's coat. Really aimed at humans but it's the same allergen so guess it could work?! Eric and I would be very grateful for advice if you've got experience of a dog with a cat dander allergy or used Allerpet.Thanks!)


Mango said...

Eric! Good to hear from you. A most educational and disturbing post. First of all, I think those derma doctors were just messing with you. "Ooo, is he asleep? Lookie what we can do while he is sleeping! Draw dots on hisself and shave his wires. Ha!"

As for your cat pal... if he really loves you, then he will wear a bio hazard suit from now on. Its only right.

I would watch out for nursies in tight uniforms. Sometimes the cure can be most painful, especially on the ears.

Oh yeah, if you are going to put so much energy into your scratching, maybe your mom could tie your leg to a wheel and at least use it to generate electricity.


TwoSpecialWires said...

Eric! Good job, Buddy, leaving that vettie a message and speaking in the language everybody and everydoggie understands! I'm hoping that after you spoke your mind to the dermo dog doc, you were treated to something special by your Mum. Thank Dog you're not allergic to foods! But cat dander? Oh no!! We're hopeful that the treatments they have in mind will do the job - and you'll see some relief FAST! It's good you've got a bunch of experienced (and foxy) nurses in the pool to help with it all. I've no doubt their help will be forthcoming. And talented. And a bit of comic relief. They say laughter is one of the best medicines.

BTW, I'm keeping an eye on wheeless... he's pretty quiet, but he does stay in pretty close proximity to the others up there on the mantel. It seems the number is growing.

Jake xx

TwoSpecialWires said...

Dear Eric. You are allergic to Cats Dan Dares??? In addition to everything else??? Oh dear. That worries me. But I have to believe that dear Otis can only be a mildly bad influence (if a bad influence a all.) After watching the two of you together (that grooming you were giving him was priceless - I need to watch it carefully and learn from your style), and reading that you are close buddies like that year-round suggests to me that you have hopefully already developed a natural immunity to him (that sounds so mean... but you know what I 'm saying) We hope that's the case, because the upset of separation may be as hard on you (both) as the Dan Dares themselves. At least I know when I get upset or excited, that's when the Hissta Means getting to flooding through my system and make me itch even more. We'll be anxious to hear if the AllerPet product helps. And in the meantime, we're sending our (ALL of our) loving smoochies and best wishes.


(Some of the stories I'm hearing about you are having an influence on me... my dreams are getting wilder and wilder)

TwoSpecialWires said...

Eric. It's me. Your nemisis. Or at least one of them. If I were you, I'd be watching my choice of words. I'm tough enough to withstand your implied insult about my dusty old self making you more itchie... but I have to tell you, son, I'm in a position (quite literally) to have considerable influence over your future. Now you should know by now that I'm a reasonable sort of wheeless. I tend to think before I speak. I tend to consider things before I take action. I promise you that I will continue to go by that lead. You may not believe it and you may not want to admit it, but I miss you, Eric. And I'm guessing you miss me. And I do want to see your fluffy self happy and comfortable. However....

I've got some thinking to do.
Yours (like it or not)
Wheeless Wheelie Winston

Agatha and Archie said...

Hee Hee ya gotta admit this Winston kid has a lot of spunk...OH look like a game board...this just stinks... PL2 said she is going to ask her friends the "girls" who have a holistic type pet store if they know anything special..I gotta go and iron my new uniform and hat..I haven't even worn it yet..Love A+A PS the bomb sheler is ready....I got rid of ALL the dust..( not that there ever is ANY ) Love and a squillion A+A

Gus said...

Eric...we got no catses here if you wanna come visit for a while. We could get muzzer to share her allergy stuffs with you. And she says to tell your mom that the injection thing is not so hare (this from the person who won't even carry her own epi-pen, but makes dad do it)

But she has given injections to a cat, so she thinks she can offer moral support.


Noah the Airedale said...

Crikey Eric, what crappy news about your allergies. Hopefully something can be sorted so you and Otis can still hang out together. Pinky doesnt really know about any products that may help you guys. Maybe someone can suggest something than will help or hopefully the Allerpet will do the trick. We sure hope it's an easy fix.

Thinking of you.
Noah Willow Tess Lucy

doyle and mollie said...

eric man thats tough news i am so hoping you and otis can work something out - allergies are the pits ive just had some interdigital dermatitis that my momma thinks ive got from the willows droping their seeds over my back porch path...

Daniella said...

Ok, I get seasonal itchies too and get a cortisone shot or itchies pills and as it is only about 3 mths of itchies, I survive why all the fuss if your itchies are only seasonal? Have you tried a cortisone shot or drugs like Atopica? I have heard good things about the allergy shots though. As for the cat dander, I hope I'm not allergic to Elmo, though I get the itchies every I doubt its him. Do all cats have dander or only outside cats? Elmo is an inside cat. I can't imagine being best pals with him, he runs from me and I get very excited! Anyway, keep us posted....Axel

Honey the Great Dane said...

Oh Eric! I'm so sorry to hear about your allergy problems! My human was wincing when she saw your photos because she had to do the same thing last year and she had those little puncture holes all over her arms - she says it was horrible so she knows what you feel like. I suppose it's a good thing that at least they know what your lurching to two although that's terrible that one of those things is your kitty brother !! what bad luck ! I think that thing you're human was talking about to put on your brother and make cat dander less is a good idea . hope your itching settles down soon !!

honey the great Dane
ps. are you on the raw diet or has your human thought of giving it to you? it is supposed to be wonderful for dogs with allergies and often clears problems up when other things have failed . I think it works differently from drugs and medicine because it actually works from the inside by helping your immune system so maybe it would make you stronger to cat dander

Asta said...

How distwessing

IT can't be way now how!!!
I wefoose to believe it..and not the stuffies iethew..I think it's evil stuff the all uwgy dogtow made up, I mean aftew what they did to you, I wouldn't put anything past them.
I don't know anything about those medcins , but it sounds like some of ouw pals do..I hope something wowks!
BTW,gweat job showing the Vet what you thought! I'm pwoud of you !!!!
I am weady and able to be thewe to assist wif giving shots and kisses anytime
ASTA (nuwse)

Khyra The Siberian Husky And Sometimes Her Mom said...

Woo've read the stories!

Woo DON'T want THE BEASTIE as one of your nurses!

It will make the vet torture seem like playtime!

Sorry 'bout the amount of stuffs woo are allergikh to - Mom's furst Sibe was diabetikh in her later days SO Mom learned how to do the injekhtions - it really isn't bad she says -

PeeEssWoo: I think the khat is the khause of it all!

Maggie and Mitch said...

How awful that you're allergic to Otis among other things, Eric! Our paws are crossed that the Allerpet works!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

TwoSpecialWires said...

OK. Seriously now. You are on to something. Moma agreed with Winston that you've already experienced enough needle poking for one family. She's not gonna poke more fur into him (well, not much, anyway.) BUT a wirey COAT? Now that's a different story. She wants you to help coordinate this (here in the next few days, if ya know what I mean.) DO collect those wirey furs. And she'll poke 'em into a piece of wool and make a coat for the old guy. Or at least a blanket. Superb idea, Eric! You could even send some Otis furs, cuz Winston didn't complain of problems with Dan Dares from when he was there. Whaddya think? Is it possible?


Martha Basset said...

Oh dear Eric, we were so sorry to read about all that nasty old skin testing at the vets!
We are glad you peed on his floor - seems only right in the circumstances.
Now you seem to be allergic to just about everything of interest to us dogs!
We just loved your little video - we can see you are bestest friends with that sweet putty tat.
Now don't you worry Eric, we will get in touch with our dear nephew Petey.
As you know he is the cleverest doggie in the world.
He should be back his holidays soon and we will get hime to design a protective suit for you.
You can wear this around the house - we are really worried about the dust!!!!
You can also wear this when out on walks.
Do you remember seeing the boy who lived in a bubble on the TV - well it will be a bit like that although Petey has the design expertise.
We guess you would have to be careful going down hills if you were in a bubble..........
Dont you worry - we aunties are on the case!
love you lots
Martha & Bailey xxxx
ps remember not to itch those itchies!!!!

Lorenza said...

Hi, Eric!
A pee on the floor is what they deserved!
I really hope you can find a treatment that works for you so you and Otis don't have to be apart from each other!
Take care
Kisses and hugs

Hamish Westie said...

Hi Eric
Sorry to hear you're having a bad time with the itchies. Being a Westie, I too have lots of skin problems, which seem to flare up at random. The vet said to Gail that I could be allergy tested, but the tests usually show that dogs are allergic to a whole host of things which are all but impossible to avoid. I'm afraid I can't offer a solution, but I do hope you work out a way to manage the problem.
Cheers, H.

Scruffy, Lacie and Stanley's Place said...

Sheeeeeeshch...there was so much wrong about this post...

Knockin' you out
Stickin' pins in ya..
Tellin' you it's the cat's fault
Weekly shots?

You do realize her ruffle on her uniform is detachable? Nuff she would say...

Mumsie's goin' nutso around here, but we can't figure out why...



Joe Stains said...

omg allergic to your own brother?? I definitely suffer from this. I think perhaps the cure is to trade??? I sure hope you work something out tho buddy.

Sally said...

Oh no - Poor Otis!! (and poor Eric) It is not fair - we are not fans of cats - but feel he cannot be the culprit as he seems so cute. Maybe Square Mom could Hoover him every morning to remove his Dan Dare? Sorry but we are no experts - but as you know I do experience the itchies too. Mom is very interested in the treatment - but I am not sure I like the idea of being poked and prodded like that. When I went for my vaccinations - I jumped around a lot - the nurse was trying to jab me - in the end D got the booster instead by accident. She is now protected against Parvo.

We are interested to hear how this allergy thing goes...

By the way i would offer my service as a nurse too - but I would eat all your food, take control of the remote and possibly do online shopping with your credit card - so D says it is best I stay at home. But those other nursies sure seem able! Lacie is quite fetching in that uniform...

Lots of licks
Sally, Paddy and Douglas

happy said...

Oh Eric, sorry to hear about the list of allergies! We don't know about the cat dander as we don't have cats in our house. Hope the allerpet works for you. Would be sad to be apart from your good friend Otis.

Have an allergy free weekend now!

Bruce said...

Don't have any wise advice for you except to say that maybe someone who has been through this will have the answer you are looking for. Good luck! I hate the thought of you having to separate these two buddies. They will both be very sad:(
your other cat friend,

Dewey Dewster said...

Eric my man.....I tell ya....yer always in a pickle.....aren't ya ???? Can't smooze with Otis anymore ?????? Well, I will tell ya what I think about that but then I think ya REALLY LIKE 'Em.....don't ya ???? Made me green in the gills when I saw ya lickin' his ears......sheesh....are ya really a WIRE Fox Terrier??????

We can't help ya with the cat dander stuff.....but Gram did read a book written by a regular vet that turned inta a holistic vet who said if ya change diet (brown rice....'n veggies.....then introduce a bit of meat)....'n stop the vaccines....ya can get rid of the allergies.....there's a bit more ta it but ya build up the immune system....

Bet yer Glad the foster wheelie is gone....maybe the others will be right behind......well, ya can hope....can't ya...'n don't send 'em here.....cause we have enough ta keep our peepers fixed on right now.....

Dewey Dewster here.....

umekotyan said...

Good evening eric
It embarrassed it with the cat allergy.
If the cat is made beautiful in the bath, and the method of not putting out the hair is used together with the treatment of the medicine of the hormone, how also about the cleaning in the necessity?

A wonderful weekend with the autumn harvest.

from loved ume tyan

Chef ·˙ ۛ ♥ said...

Eric, I don't at all like that the derm dr. made a connect-the-dots board on your tummy. Good that you peed when you woke up. HEH.

But really, I hope you and Otis don't have to be separated. I can see on the video how much you like him, even though he's just a cat. What about shaving him? Or if he wore something over his furs when you two are together??

Geez, Eric. This is a big mess. I sure hope your mom figures it out. Good luck with the Allerpet, dear boy.


Petey said...


I've got it all figured out! You're allergic to England, maybe all of Great Britain and possibly Europe too (except Paris.) Sounds like you better pack it up and move to NEW YORK! Hardly any trees and grass and what there is has been well covered in diesel fumes from the buses. You'll be just fine. And so far, no canine acupuncerists to worry about either. Maybe they tattooed you?!?

Pack your bags, Sonny, you're moving to New Yawk!

Your pal,

Petey the Rectangle dog

Tucker said...

Eric so sorry to hear about your allergies! I've been through them, just no tests. Hair almost all fell out one summer, big yucky itchies, then I turned white, now back to black. I think they gave me prednisone, but it might have been cortesone... all those sones are the same to me.. icky needles!

Oh... my humom enjoyed your video and had to got get my hudad to show hi that I'm not the only one who likes to clean his cat's ears!

Hope you find something that helps your itchies, they're no fun!

Licks from Tucker

William Tell said...

Whew, Eric! Looks like you've been through it with that testing. Lost some hair along the way, too, and poked you with needles??? My testing was just drawing some blood, but I hear your way is better. Hmmmm, I think I'll stick with the drawing blood. Less holes to cause air-leaks.

I'm allergic to trees, pollen, dust, etc, too, but not cats. I can eat all the cats I want. Go figure.

Hope your injections help when you get them started. Mine have given me a lot of relief. I feel like a normal dog again, only more handsome than most out there. Mom doesn't mind giving the injections to me, though. She calls it payback.

Happy Tails,
William Tell

Jackson said...

Hey pal, so sorry to hear about your allergy stuff. It really is the pits. Wish I could offer some tips, but one spray of Cortavance and my seasonal itchies clear up...J x

JRT Chick said...

Hi Eric! Sorry to hear about the allergies. Skyler came in this summer with hives. He was stung by a bee and it wasn't pretty. The whole family went to the emergency room to see what was up with all the bumps and the vet said that the next time this happened, the Skyman could get just a half of a Benadryl. Hope Allerpet makes you feel better!

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