Thursday, 24 September 2009


Good day to you. Miss Enid Wheelie on Wheels here. Eric Esq. is indisposed. At the Dog Doctors having skin tests for his allergies today. No doubt he'll blog about it soon. Meantime Mother's allowed me to use his blog to tell you of us Pensioner Stuffies Summer Venture. I do hope Eric doesn't have my straw innards out again for this don't you? Now dears. Did you read Master Jake and Miss Fergie's story telling of the wheeless wheelie ?

And their heart tugging Smile Box post of the same sad wheelie? Then read on dear readers. Read on....

Us stuffies up here. High on the shelf.
In Square Dog House where we dwell
Want to share with you our secret
So sit. Everybloggie. We’ll tell . . .

How we rescued this doggie from ebay
For a family, right over the pee
Who had fallen in love with poor wheelie
Nina. Mom. Master Jake. And Fergie.

Had seen better days had our foster.
No wheelies. Lost. Sad. And forlorn
But we fell for his charm in a heartbeat
No matter he was tatty. And torn.

Us stuffies we gathered to welcome
Telling. “Bide with us here for a time
While your family are off a-travelling
You are safe here! All will be fine!"

“Foster Boy. Be proud! Hold your head up.
Though wheel less and patched up you be
Your family will call for you soonest
They’ll love you for ever! You’ll see!”

Square Mom fell in love with our foster
Head over wheels to his wheel less charms
Twas a sight we became most used too
Her cuddling him tight in her arms.

Now Eric. Our squarie. He jumped him
Bitied all over his patched up face
That dog. TUT. TUT. No manners!
In fact.He is quite a disgrace.

How different his brother sweet Otis
The Russian Blue grey little kitten
Nicely kissed n purred his greetings
Yes. All in Square House were smitten.

Foster stayed with us all of the summer
Much to Miss Enid’s delight
A companion to dine and take tea with
And company all through the night.

Foster Boy. Now all happy and smiley
Took turns in our garden for hours
And once in a while. Along the way
He would stop to smell the flowers.

Foster penned a card to his family
How he thought of them day and night
Looking forward to travelling home wards
But meantime. He was doing. All right.

By the by. Do hope you like my tune. We played it for dearest Foster Boy everyday to let him know how loved he would be here and in his new home over the pee. Remember. Check Master Jake and Miss Fergie Pretty Spots blog for updates on Foster Boy too! I'll tell you more another time. If Eric will let me. I bid you farewell dearest readers. From Miss Enid Wheelie on Wheels.


Bruce said...

This is the most heart warming story I have heard in a long time Miss Enid. I am so happy for Foster. You'll have to keep us informed as to when he starts his journey to his new family.
your friend,
Bruce the cat:)

Mango said...

What a wonderful story that you were able to take in that poor guy and nurse him back to health. And a most lovely poem as well.

I admit, the scenes of his injuries were a bit disturbing, but one cannot deny that these things happen.


Gus said...

most wonderful posting on Foster
delightful idea, so right
But if he's to live with miss Fegie
He'll need a blue jumper, right tight.

So muzzer will talk to E.Rabbit
Enlist some help from her there
Send us the sweet doggy sizes
Converted from there to right here.

We'll work on it soon as we get them,
And send it to Fergie and Jake
Cause muzzer has got lots of woolies
And how long can one jumper take?

gussie n teka

Samantha said...

That is such a sweet story, along with the lovely music! Thanks for the warm tale - sry that Eric wasn't so enthused, but glad Otis was more welcoming! Lucky Foster!
Hugs xo

TwoSpecialWires said...

Awww. Miss Enid. This kinda brought a tear to Moma's eye, a smile to her face, a wiggle to our wag and tons of anticipation when we read this post about WheelessWheelieFosterBoy. You've begun to restore a life filled with love for him, after who knows how many years of neglect. We are all forever grateful. Soon he'll be home, and his family will grow. YOU will always be part of his life. Of that you can be assured.

Love, and with sooo much gratitude. And a bunch of excitement!!!!

Our Boy will be joining us soon!!!!
Jake, Fergi, Moma and our Girl

William Tell said...

There once was a dog from Nantucket...

No, no, no, my prose is not worthy after reading about Foster. Very glad you could help, though, and give him a second chance at happiness. I'm sure Fergie and Jake will love him!

Happy Tails,
William Tell

Khyra The Siberian Husky And Sometimes Her Mom said...

We love happy endings too!

Tank woo fur sharing!


Scruffy, Lacie and Stanley's Place said...

Miss Enid...OH MY...(Lacie wipes a tear from her eye....)

What a wonderful fantabuous tear jerking postie....

And just let me know if that Eric gives you one wig about your wag and I'll take care of him....turn his square face a bit oval...

Your poetry is divine...and we are so very touched by the story!!!!!

Kisses and hugs...


Joe Stains said...

this was a most wonderful post to read, about a poor wheel-less wheely in need. we laughed and we cried, we hoped and we sighed, and then one of us actually peed.

Agatha and Archie said...

WELLL its is a DARN god thing we are here.......LISTEN UP EVERYBODY....DO YOU NOT REMEMBER??? what ERIC TOLD US?? about the world wheelie take over??? GEESHHHHHHHHH do not get suckered in..we repeat do not get suckered in to this tale.... It is part of the take over Eric keeps talking about.. and by the way WHERE IS HE REALLY????? did you think about that everyone????? and to bring in dear Jake and Fregie....Love A+A eric did say this right?

Mack and Sally Ann said...

Foster looks loved now.
Sally Ann

Asta said...

Miss Enid
I see no takeovew plans, just love and cawe..I'm no poet and won't even twy,but youw vewse bwought a teaw to my eye.
Wheeleyless wheeley fostew will no longew be sad.his footoowe is bwight.
Youw cawe and sweet nuwtuw wowked wondews, he looks weady fow his long jouwney to ahome whewe he'll be loved as he was wif you.
Thank you fow youw cawe of him and youw heawt.

If you evew need a companion fow tea..I can send my sissie Mywna ow hew bwood to pawtake(..they awe especially fond of watewcwess sandwiches and cake)

smoochie kisses

happy said...

We love happy endings and that's a wonderful poem!

Rocky Creek Scotties and Java said...

How sweet of you to help out the Wheelless Wheely and get him on his way to the wonderful family of Jake and Fergi.

Lilly, Piper, Carrleigh and Java

Lorenza said...

I hope Eric is doing well!
I read the story and I loved it and then I read A+A comment and now I am confused! Hmmmm....
Take care
Kisses and hugs

Lucia said...

Ciao bella!

La mia ragazza read this to me and then said, "Lucia, mia bellissima bambina, it's posties like this one that make Eric's bloggie so wonderful!"

She gives you, your mama and sweet Signorina Enid two thumbs up and I, Lucia, give you four paws up (well, not THAT way!) for an eccellente job!!!

Tanti baci!

Maggie and Mitch said...

What a sweetie Foster is! Jake and Fergie will welcome him with open arms!

Love ya lots
Maggie and Mitch

Dewey Dewster said...

Aw Ms Enid...are ya sure that Eric Square Dog knows ya took over his blog....ta talk about a tattered he's a sad lookin' one but we're sure he's gonna be fine...'n that he'll get fixed up....but hopefully he won't join forces with all the other wheelies intent upon takin' over the Square Dog world....keep 'em all separate where they can't have meetings.... 'n plan uprisings....we have ta stay from the Wheelie take-over....Square Dogs rule !!!!!!

Dewey Dewster here....

Life With Dogs said...

This was adorable beyond words. My niece read it and giggled along...


Hi Foster Boy
I'm so happy everyone has taken to you except for that bad boy Eric. He's known for becoming jelly.. with mom hugging on you all the time. I bet if you share some kittie logs or talk over goose pate- you'd be fast friends. PS Mom loves your buttons eyes but I'm confused.. can you see with them?
Hope you get to your furever home soon??!!

tula said...

wow there's a whole nother side to the wheelie world.. the ones who were left lost & wheelless. who knew? that goodness Foster has a new homie. E- let square mom share sum luvin, don't be green. she luvs you the most!

the postcards are a nice touch to your bloggie:)

toodles, tula

umm. i'm taking Clomicalm- an antidepressant. takes about 3-4 weeks to get to a therapeutic level.
suppose to take the edge off to help with training. so far it's made me sleepy. if i wasn't sleepy before i am now. should wear off once i get use to it. so if u i don't post in awhile it's b/c i'm doing this zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz:)

Koobuss said...

What a wonderful story,
Although a bit gory.
Poor Foster has stitches
And I'm sure lots of itches.

He'll be in his new home.
No more will he roam.
There with Fergi and Jake
Many smiles he will make.

Foster's post was so touching that I can't even write anymore. I am overwhelmed with emotion.

Good luck, Foster.

Love and Koobuss Kisses,

umekotyan said...

Good evening eric
It is a wonderful story.
And, the end is a happy ending, and regulations.
The history of the puppet show and Bunraku is felt, and the sense of intimacy from Japan to Foster. :)

from loved ume tyan

Martha Basset said...

Miss Enid, we so enjoyed the story and have already read about the safe landing over the big Pee.
We think you have done an amazing job fostering wheelie boy and have raised his self esteem.
With a few careful stitches and lots of love.
He was clearly at an all time low when he came to you with low self worth and now he is shining bright!
We think you have found your true vocations Miss Enid now what on earth has happened to our dear Eric.
love and kisses
Martha & Bailey xxxx

Baby Rocket Dog and Hootie said...

Bow Wowie you are sure swell to take in another wheelie! Our mom has never even seen ONE wheelie in person and you are amoung lots.

How is our boy Eric doing? Hope all is well.

Smooches from pooches,
BabyRD & Hootie


Never chased a squirreL??? You're terrier title must be revoked until you do... Wowzer.

We wer ove at Jake and Fergies to see the arrival of wheeless wheelie boy.. how sweet.


Mango the Maltese kiddo said...

Oh the story is so touching that I cry like a girl, oh yeah with my orange skirt set and some tear I do look llike a girl.
Eric, be nice to the wheelies!
Love y'all

Bruce said...

So glad to see that Wheeless Wheelie is doing so well in his new home. Hope you don't miss him too much!
your cat pal,


hey square
you are out tip toeing in the rugby field trying find ribs... searching for your terrier mission.. chasing those tricky squirrels (oh that's right) You have not be truly sanctioned as a terrier since you have not. Ducks don't count.. Grannies don't count. Come on eric.. I wanna see you chase something!

Kasha said...

Hi Eric!
You are pretty much adorable with your foster boy! Such a cute post!
kasha and Africa

chicamom85 said...

Oh what a story, I was so worried at first but so glad it turned out well. Thank you for sharing that. I do hope Eric is ok and they find out what he is allergic to.

licks and sniffs, Sasha

TwoSpecialWires said...

This is and always will be our very favorite post, ever. Moma got tears all over again, and Winston is getting hugs and more hugs (when what he really wants is some of those chocolate and raspberry biscuits you sent, Miss Enid, with tea.

Much love. SOOOOO Much Love
Jake and Fergi

TwoSpecialWires said...

And, just so you know, Moma is rolling on the floor laughing, reading all the comments. You are one PurrfectFosterFamily and we love you!!!! (Remember? We're related!)

Jake and Fergi