Saturday, 3 April 2010


Miss Enid here. Your Ringmaster for today's parade of individual wheelies. Most delighted to have your companionship on this auspicious day. What's that? You were wondering where Eric is? I can't be sure but I believe he may be tied up somewhere. Punishment for his lack of manners in my Family Show dears. You did view the family entries yesterday and remember to vote for them didn't you? Both ballots are on the sidebar. Thanking you, I'm indebted and most humbly grateful.

Now without further ado. My little entertainment show before the contestants parade. ERIC. OOH ERIC! COOOOOOOME! Take that! Craaaack. And that! Craaaack!

What's that onlookers? Me? Miss Enid sniggerering? No dears. You're quite mistaken. One would never do anything so common.


Here's little Autumn with her delightful pumpkin wheels. She's a youngster. Only 10 years old and a replica of a very prim and proper old Steiff from Germany. Her ambition is to be the very best gardener and cook. (Eric was overheard to murmur through his gagged and muffled mouth ....she'd make a verrrry tasty Pumpkin Pie)


Picture by Eric

Here's my companion Albert who lives with me in Square Dog House. He's not entering the competition- just wanted me to show you him posing in a typical British scene.


This is dearest Myrna and Gilbert's son. Bertie. Goodness gracious. What is he doing up the tree? And bad boy Scruffy. Taunting and teasing him. No wonder Berties ambition is to annoy the Holy terrors. Mission accomplished I would say bertie. (Eric...faintly heard barking ....Doh. Bet that Bertie's looking up the tree for more wood for his sawdust stuffin ..hehee!!)


One's heart goes out to poor Bailey.Imagine! Abandoned and surviving on the streets before being given a wheelie good home by Miss Blue. Bailey barked she's most troubled being of mongrel descent and intends to improve herself by education to square standards. By reading my Eat A Cat books.


This photo was sent by Lacie to Eric in the fast mail. Lacie complained the camel had sent her a threatening letter "Let the Camel Win or Else!" I truly can't believe any sort of wheeled creature would use such bad grammer. Or write with purple ink. Can you?


Pedigree wheelie Cyril hails from my neck of the woods. Olde England With a fine Lines Pedigree. It was a most unfortunate day when Eric wired him to transmit our wheeled movements. But a joyful one for us wheelies when Cyril used his puncture repair kit to cross his wires. On reflection. Not such a good day for Cyril.

Picture by Eric


Darling Edwin from my extended family over the ocean. Edwina's at the front. Her twin sister Sweet Pea Clementine lives here with me. The twins rolled over from Germany into America at least 60 years ago. Rescued from the E bay kennels and transported to their furever homes. Edwina is wonderful example of what a little self maintenace can do. One of her ambitions is to maintain her fine and shapely derriere. Eric tells me the twins once won Rears of the Years. How delightful!


Here's Hector rolling in. Surely a hybrid? Hector tells me he's part Airedale,part Beastie. (Eric mumbles... that'll be the large back end portion then) Hector claims his ambition is to encourage wheelies to get into home improvements. I do detect he's building a house in the tree to avoid his dog Mango's suds. I must advise him to build it higher.

Picture by Eric


Francesca's a resorceful wheelie with a fine Lines Brothers birthmark. Some weeks ago Francesca looked a little different. She took it upon herself to vist her local spa for a make over. Doesn't she look divine? Self improvements are always to be applauded. (Eric screeches through his gag bandana... downright devious disguising herself.. what's so wrong with being a foxie wheelie ? Got my pies fixed on you Francesca )


Gilbert is the perfect example of an antique wheeled Steiff. He's wheelie wheelie old. A true square old boy of 90+ years. A bit bemused with a fancy for frocksies. See his perfect square shadow? Eric told me Gilbert's won several Jo Stains awards. Isn't that nice? Sadly, he's not too well at present having contracted Scruffy's nasty infection.

Picture by Eric


Josephine descended from the Joseph Pittman factory in the 1920's. Look at her charming expression, exactly like Butchy's sweet Angel Snickers. Josephine perfoms a wonderful service protecting the Koi Carp in Mutton Hollow pond from the Barkalot Boyz Heron Cam.


Dear oh dear. My good friend Miss Myrna seems intent on surveying all exits should her apartment block catch fire. As if! What are the chances of that? Never the less. One can't be too careful nowadays. Do get down from there Myrna dear. It's most dangerous teetering and tottering up there on the edge of the ledge.

No no no! Myrna dearest. Off there! This instant! That's a children's slide. Not the Fire exit. Oh me oh my...poor Miss Myrna seems rather fixated . . .


Goodness gracious me. Take at look at what Otis the cat dragged in.


An enthusiastic contestant most eager to wheel out of her packing after her long trip from Germany. A rare Rectangular Dog on wheels. Her main ambition after only one day is to avoid the Rockie Scotties terrier teeth. Distressing indeed. Miss Merry Anne. Don't hesitate to us wheelies for further advice on dealing with those tiresome dogs with teeth.


Oh my! Who's this new born rolling in? He reminds me of NSLM's Mango Minster Grand Champion Clive. And he's called Clive Junior. Quite makes my old heart sing knowing our wheelie noble heritage is being continued. And what a boy! One minute he's studying stocks and shares on Wheelie Street, the next he's sliding down the banisters!!!


Romy's a dear little Steiff and has a penchant for playing the piano. She plays Bach mostly and manages admirably depite her damaged front wheel. She is of course Myrna's daughter and confusingly,a good deal older than her Mother. Life can be a smidgen muddled when you're a wheelie.


Roxy is a Chiltern from Olde England who emigrated to Iowa in the 40's. Roxy can often be found fulfilling her gardening ambitions tending her surroundings by the pond.Her temperament is one of tranquility depite her playful pose. Much to Eric's disappointment.

Picture by Eric


Dashing young Seymour seems to have been set up by his owner Jackson with his photograph. No wheelie could possibly afford to gamble, let alone or drink alcoholic beverages on the pitiful pension we receive.


Scarface belongs to Lacie. Eric tells me Scarface has undergone plastic surgerey @ Dr. Frank. N. Steins. A fine surgeon judging by the result. Scarface is of course a Personal Fitness Walker for Lacie. Constantly assisting her in achieving the same fine deportment as Edwina. (Eric, gags on his gag and cries out OOOOO Hahaaaa!!! Personal Fitness Walker Wheelie!!! Go Lacie! Move it! Gotta trim those big butts of yours . . )

Picture by Eric


Our Foster boy Winston is to be admired for his fortitude in the face of adversity after his wheels were stolen. Witness how he's adapted and overcome his disabilties of no wheels, or furs and button eyes in the most creative of ways! Coming down the mountain, here he comes!

Winston was rescued after being left in the England Ebay kennels and immediately applied for a green card to live in Colorado. Winston's dearest ambition is to assure the continuation of wheelies across future generations by promoting an appreciation of the values of Simplicity, Honor, Genuineness, Respect and Reality that have been a part of our history and our current wheeld lives. Wonderful oration Winston. A fine moral code for us wheeled Antiques.

Which brings us neatly to the end of my parade. Please dearest audience. Cast your vote on the side bar ballot from your favourite dog from the still photo's. (Silly me. I missed out my dearest Foster Winston AND Romy on the voting poll. I can't alter the original poll so they have a special poll of their own! Deepest apologies to them) (Eric is heard shouting ...Doh! Wheelie silly of old Miss Enid going C Nile. The poll is for the readers vote, course I am the Supreme Judge for my final winners....)

(Eric is heard barking from the corner as he struggles to release himself from the restraining paws cuffs ....what did I tell ya bout those wheelies? Believe me now? Everybloggie please come back and check I'm ok once this wheelie silly contest is over. . . winners parading Wednesday 7th...after which normal non wheeled service will be resumed)


Maggie and Mitch said...

Oh my! Wheelie kitties and wheelie camels! who would have thought?
What a tough competition!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Khyra The Siberian Husky And Sometimes Her Mom said...

....and I thought yesterday's was a diffikhult selekhtion!



Gus said...

This is most distressing. Not only have you put poor Eric in the most dire of situations, but you have presented us with most difficult choices.

Isn't there an etty cat chapter on how to behave in these situations.

gussie n teka

Agatha and Archie said...

ARE YOU KIDDING ME???DOESN'T THIS JUST PROVE IT???I AM SHOCKED SHOCKED I TELL YOU....HE IS TIED UP PEOPLE DON'T YOU GET IT?AND DID YOU SEE HOW MANY OF YHEM THERE ARE???THEY ARE EVERYWHERE I TELL YOU!!!!!!We have to go vote and also read yesterdays post...we were a little gummed up if ya know what I mean......Love Agatha and Gum Boy

houndstooth said...

I have no idea how I'll pick just one!

Eric, are you okay?


Noah the Airedale said...

Oh my lord, we've just been catching up and look what we've stumbled acrossed. How are we supposed to choose????? Lordy me. I think I'm going to have to pull a number out of a hat or something. Crikey.....

Noah Willow Tess Lucy

Mango said...

An Amazing parade of contestants! Eric, my friend, you have outdone yourself. Such thrills and excitement. Of course I have to vote for Hector. Family loyalty and all.

Scruffy, Lacie and Stanley's Place said...

Um...I so warned ya are sooooooooo outnumbered...and now you're in the wheel-less corner, tied and gagged to boot...

Miss Enid is doing a fine job as Mistress of Ceremonies...right up her alley so to speak...

I'm suspecting she's going to have you beggin' for your supper before all this is demeaning for ya Eric...(Lacie puts her paw over her mouth and giggles...)

I'm surprised she didn't make ya put your crown on your head before she tied ya up...

I only hope she lets you out to use the hydrant or it could be quite the mess...



Pee ess...I have a date with that Camel...he's totally smokin'...and we won't have to stop so often at the water bowl...he carries his own...wonder if he carries portable ice for my blender?????

Clive said...

What a fine selection of entrants! We are honoured to be amongst them all!

Such a difficult choice - we're leaving it up to the NSLM to go vote now!

many thanks


Pal how are you surviving! Wheelies taken over your square blog! there must be payback.. must. At least you had colorful commentary.. I mean wheelie.

tula said...

Hi Eric! Wheelie madness.. yikes. put some wheels on me cuz i'm outta here! i've seen what they can do..

but after i vote!

hoppy easter to the square family!
lots of kissies,

Busby and Raymond said...

What a fascinating contest! Horrifying, and fascinating! Who knew?

The OP Pack said...

Wow - lots of great entries - so hard to choose just one. We're working on it, thinking hard, OK, we have our decision.

Happy Easter.

Woos - Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

Scruffy, Lacie and Stanley's Place said...

Just stopped by to see if you had untied Eric, Miss Enid...

I think he deserved his fate...he was being very rude to you and the other wheeled creatures...

And it sounds like he's done so since he was a wee pup...sheesch...

Asta and I will be resuming our lessons shortly...just had to have a quick fashion break...

Kisses my dear,

Miss Lacie Anne Girlie

TwoSpecialWires said...

Eric. Son. Your progress is slow. (If measurable at all.) When will you understand that we are here only to remind you of the lasting value of love and the precious memories of childhood? Face it, dear boy. We wheelies (and once-weres) have been thoroughly loved, tenderly (or not so) enjoyed, and occasionally neglected. However, we have sustained through it all ... and we are here to simply remind you of the wonderful possibilities, when once again being part of a family that (mostly) loves us. We represent the character of our "live" counterparts ... wheelie special canines (and ... ahem ... kitties and camels ... and so on and so forth) who have been treasured. And still are. Just like you, son.

Oh my. This makes me weary. It is time for a cup of tea.

Sending my fondest regards to Miss Enid, who is such a wonderfully proper and gracious mistress of ceremonies.


Baby Rocket Dog and Hootie said...

Bow Wowzer this is going to be a hard decision. So many great wheelies. Who to vote for??
XX-BabyRD and Hootie

umekotyan said...

Good evening eric
Dog Show is interesting.
Cards and the drink of gambling are the world commonness.
It passes away with surprising swiftness at wonderful time.
And, the visit of spring was waited for.
Going out with a happy friend is a present of the highest nature. :D

from loved ume tyan

Gail in Aberdeen said...

Well I've looked very carefully at all the (amazing) entrants, and have finally decided how to vote. Any speculation that my vote might be influenced by the name of the contestant is entirely accurate....
Cheers! Gail.

Joe Stains said...

How in the heck do you pick a winner out of all of these fine entries?! What a group!