Wednesday, 25 November 2009


Hey ho everyboggie! You still out there? Or forgotten me? Apologies. Been pressing busy times for the leggeds. Sorry. Not even been able to paw or suede Mom to help me visit you or update my bloggie. Despite my having oodles of Pressing News to bark about. Like this. My bestest pal Petey. He's created a terrific Thankful Award.

To count our blessings for our bloggie followers. I do indeedy. Boy oh boy. Did I do a lot of fox trotting when Petey has given me this award? Darn right I did. I'm passing on to five of you as Petey asked. Before I do. Gotta break the rules and return it to my bestest pal Petey. He's always full of wagging Good Ideas. Like this one. Great intentions too. Ways to raise money for deserving causes. Then his Dedication to Photoshop beyond duty! Remember how his action packed wedding photos included everydoggie that ever blogged???!!! Heck. You get the idea. He's the best. Wicked good fun too. But five only Petey? Gee. Difficult when of course you appreciate everybloggie. Not forgetting our foxy pal sweet Angel Snickers, Butchy and her family.Send many blessing their way too.

Right ho. I'll get on with it. First. Dip the lights. Wait a looooong aggravating minute. Like they do on reality T V shows. ................ OK. In no particular order. My first bark. Agatha and Archie. Their blog never fails to lift my spirits. Makes me laugh my square head off at their antics. Curiously. Often similar to mine. Are truly faithful friends as well as relatives!!! Leave everybloggie chatty and clever, witty comments plus the do THE most fantabulous tours of Boston. For no payment! Don't even expect a tip! Yep. I feel blessed Twinny and Step.

Next.Fergie and Jake. Most times I come away from their blog humbled, often sniffing, a little teary with joy or sadness in equal measure. (I'm in touch with my girlie side) Their beautiful way with words. Always yapping the stuff at the right time, compassionate and caring. The glimpse they give into the reality of US puppy farming has shocked me Mom all the way there and back again. And a bit more too.And make us eager to dig deep and do what we can to help from this side of the big one. Feel truly blessed to be part of their journey.

Drummm rolllllll please. For Norwood. My crazy pal with a wacky sense of humour that has me snorting with laughter. Always. Unfailingly. And his cousin Tula too who's taught me loads of interesting stuffie in a zany way about helping and training reactive dogs. Course I've stored Norwoods froggie stuff somewhere in my noggin too. Paws up to you and cousin Tula! Consider yourself both blessed.

Spotlight. Shining on The Three Terriers. Scruffy. Lacie. Stan. Now. Frankly. They are as they say. A little nuts. A little?? Understatement !!! Wag to their blog with a big grin of anticipation on my chops and leave with a wider one. Funny beyond measure. Wickedly off the wall. Woof with pleasure at their antics and witty comments. Generous. Clever. Yep. That Lacie. Mixes a mean martini too. What ever I bark. Love her to pieces really. Boys too. Bless 'em.

Last. But nevew least. Everybloggies deawest friend. Asta. For taking us to the best pawties. Inviting us to dinnew pawties with simply dogalicious food. For smashing photo's of hew pwetty self. Her sweet natuwe. Kindness. Extending the paws of fwiendship to every fouw legged and remembering all those in need. And her lisp makes me giggle. She gives sensational smoochies too. Hewe's squillions fow you Asta. XXXXXXXXXXX
Love Ewic. (Gee that r/w thingie is hawd to do)

Of course goes without barking. I'm truly thankful for my Pupcake. Sweetie Toffee. Mixed blessing of love,loyalty and good mates. She's funny ha ha. And gazing at her ears sends me into a Foxy Frenzy. Which brings me to other my other Pressing News. Toffee's Mom came to see Me. Me. Me. All the way from A Merry Car. Sadly. Toffee wasn't able to wag over. Not even her flat self. Sniff. Think it's 'cos my wiries were washed down the plug 'ole? My Puffy Fluffies. Put her off? I mean. Gasp. She not only after my Wiry Wagger. Is she???

Still. Had a wicked time with TM. A pushover for a treat. Or thirtyfourtyfifty. Had me eating right out of her hand. And lookie. Nearly as cute as my Toffee eh? I took her for an off lead womble on Wimbledon Common. When. Suddenly. Mid walkies. I did a double take. About turn! As my mincies spied Pupcake. Far on the horizon . . .

We ran in sloooowmotiooooon towards each other. Alas. Sniff. She was only a lookie-likey.

Not my One and Only. And yeah. No need for the comments. My rear end really does look Relentless Huge with my new furs doo. Want to know my other Pressing News? It's Relentlessy Huge too. Jackson, Our Foxy Leader and me are going to be featured in the UK publication "Your Dog" magazine!!! Imagine!!! Me and my Hero Jackson. Together. IN PRINT. Wow!!! What a honour. J1 and Mom Square were both interviewed for a Wire Fox Terrier Breed feature for the December/January issue. Course. Mom was asked to send in squillions of photos of my squarie self. Keep asking her if sent good ones. Showing my best features. "Yes. Yes. Yes. I did Eric" she replies. Every time. Thank Dog. Imagine. . .

My dirty rascal self. Featured in the centre spread. Corr. Think I'm looking wirey enough to entice Toffee over??? Gulp. Hope she doesn't set her pies on Jackson's centre spread instead.


Gus said...

Oh Eric. You and Jackson are CELEBRITIES!!!!!!! Oh my. And we love the centerfold. Or, err...I love the centerfold. Gussie just yawned.

Teka Toy

Gus said...
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Petey said...

Now that is one action-packed post, Bestie! Will your centerfold issue be on the stands in time for the 2-leggeds to sneak a copy over international borders for me to see firstpaw?

As for the Toffee doppelganger, I had to look carefully to make sure you weren't running into the loving paws of my wee wifey Rosie! Of course, I did have to biggify the photo to find you in the photo, because at first glance, I thought you were a POODLE! Have you been applying those Pluff Mudpacks and wearing your sweater like I told you?

Thanks for returning the blessing. I realized I created a challenge when I said only 5, but I want it to get passed along until every bloggie doggie has received a blessing by name! Circle the globe with blessings! How great would that be?

Will your flat self be crossing the big pee next week? Or is he also so fluffy he takes up too much room in the luggage?

Your ever-grateful pal,


TwoSpecialWires said...

Eric, we read your posts - Your Pressing News - as if they roll off your tongue like your moma's first name - sliding out and going down in type as if somebody let the dogs out and they went for a non-stop pantless romp in the park. "Cept they leave us panting "cause we don't stop to breathe as we read. You are one bundle of wirey waggin' energy! And we love ya.

We're flattered that you passed on to us the pawsome Thankful Award dear Petey created. Little old us? Gee. Thank you. We'll do our best to not sit on this one and get it moving on right away. We can think of dozens of blogging pals we'll want to share it with in return. And it's a good time of year to be thinking that way. We've got lots of Blessings all around.

YOU and your family being one of them. Right up at the top of the list. Yes sir. It's true.

Love ya, Eric. And Otis. And Square Mom and Dad. And, like it or not, the wheelies, as well.
Jake and Fergs and family

Molly,Taffy and Monty said...

A fantastic award created by Petey and what a worthy recipient you are.

MOlly, Taffy and Monty

Mango said...

Eric! So much news. Love reading your wirey words. The centerfold spread! Oh my! I suspect even the BEAST's little heart will pitter patter over that one.

You met Toffee's mom? How ever did you keep up with her. She is like a little ball of fire.

Sorry that you had a false alarm over that beagle gal. You poor love sick guy.


Martha and Bailey said...

Dearest Eric, you are indeed a blessing - Petey is quite right!
I have to tell you though that my dear sister Bailey has had to go lie down having had a fit of the vapours seeing you as a centrefold!
Now I understand you are a very handsome dog Eric but you must not let them exploit your handsomeness.
love and kisses
Martha xxxxxx
PS Bailey is having the smelling salts wafted under her snout as I type!

TwoSpecialWires said...

Hey Buddy! You woke us up and put us in ACTION! That doesn't often happen around here with the speed that it did today. But it was ALL worth it (Thank Petey for us, too!) We've already convinced the peeps that we deserve an extra long walk AND some big handouts of turkey come tomorrow!

Sending our love to EVERYONE!!!!
Jake and Fergs and family

Scruffy, Lacie and Stanley's Place said...


Eric...I pawsitively need a copy of you and Jax in that nudie mag....Center Spread????


Kisses and pants...

Er...where are ur pants?


Scruffy, Lacie and Stanley's Place said...

My dear Eric,

I just read the comment Lacie pawed to you...actually, the boyz sent a copy to my cell, the little tattlers..I mean terriers.

DO NOT send Lacie a copy of your um SPREAD. Er, I mean PLEASE DO NOT. She is an innocent not far from puppyhood impressionable young lady, whom I fear may suffer greatly from perusing this racy content. She tends to get a bit overexcited.

I need to tell her to mind her manners...she never thanked you for the beautiful Thanksgiving blessing you gave to us...she seemed a bit preoccupied after reading it and had to stick her small derriere in the freezer. I have no idea why she placed her south end in the cold spot rather than her north...the little sweetie gets a bit mixed up at times...her gps system is on the blink.

Fondly, dear Eric,

Auntie Mumsie

Lorenza said...

Congratulations on your Award!
Yes, you are a blessing!
Kisses and hugs

Khyra The Siberian Husky And Sometimes Her Mom said...


I'm thankful fur woo!

Woo pawed it along to some furry pawesome pals!

BTW, NEXT Wednesday is Cheesekhake and Bakhon Day - rerun that last HOT HOT HOT pikh!


Sally said...

Wow - that was a very action packed blog. Lovely award and super nice of Petey - we like the idea of everyone getting a blessing.

Now, what a centre fold!!! We will have to rush out and buy the Our Dog magazine - how exciting!

Lots of licks
Sally and Paddy

Bruce said...

Congratulations on your award Eric and the best thing about you giving it to Jake & Fergi is that they passed it on to me! Wow, I am so thankful for friends like you!
Happy Thanksgiving!
your cat pal,


Your post has me stopped dead in my wild zoomie tracks. Thank you.. I'm blushing.. for this wonderful award and your comments. Now.. playdog of the month photo. Your furdoo's so think it covers up with twig ( oops almost said and berries but your berries were plucked awhile ago).
Thank you for being a wonderful friend and making me laugh every visit.

Jan's Funny Farm said...

Glad you enjoyed the cleaning kitty. No, we don't have any training tips. Not a one of us feels motivated to learn, let alone train. Cleaning is Jan's job. ;-)

the 4 Bs said...

hey Eric, you are one cute centerfold! we're glad to see some fine square photos of you.


TwoSpecialWires said...

Miss Enid. These people eat too much. Jake is spread out on is back like Eric's centerfold pose. But he's snoring. Fergi can't fall asleep, for fear of missing some seconds (or thirds or fourths). And us wheelies? It's gonna take a week of being out in the fresh air before the smell of turkey works its way out of our furs. And did we have tea today? No. Not even a sip.

I've got some getting used to things that still need to be managed. But I'm not complaining. It's a good life. But I do miss you. And wanted you to know that I'm forever thankful for your getting me to where I am in my life now. (Even if I do smell like a roasted turk.)

Love to everyone.
Your Wheeless Wheelie once was Foster Boy Winston

Hamish Westie said...

Hi Eric
Just LOVE that picture of you as 'playdog of the month'. Does such an honour bring with it any of the usual 'benefits' (nudge nudge wink wink know what I mean eh)??
Cheers, H.

Joe Stains said...

We have missed you buddy. Don't stay away so long next time ok!!


Thanks for the thanksgiving wishes... I selected c) tom on a plate. Here.. come close.. I'm breathing turkey breath your way.

TwoSpecialWires said...

Just to clear up any misunderstandings ... we had pumpkin pie. LOTS of pumpkin pie. In fact, so much pumpkin pie that now there are no more leftovers. We are pigs. All of us. But we are very happy pigs.

Jake (working on his vertical elevation skills) and Fergi (in repose) and all of us wheelies

Marvin! said...

Helloooooo! Eric!

Quite understand about the lack of dog blog opps, we have had same probs here.

I am quite worried about the staples in your centrefold pic!

Hope they are not hurting anything too precious........LOL!

lotsalicks, your pal, Marvin xxxxxx

Agatha and Archie said...

Oh thank you sooo much for that lovely award..... per usual we are YEARS behind in all of our reading..By the time we post this aawrd it will be New Years already..As for your celb shot there buddy? PHEWWWW we didn't know you had it in you!!! I was fanning myself a litle there..... You should put in a little warning before viewing...CAN NOT WAIT TO SEE THE TWO OF YOU!!! Love and kisses A+A

Anonymous said...


Ma said I can't look at the pics in your post. She said it was racy and revealing.

But I can send congrats to all your fun bloggie doggies!! YAY
And send you all my Lakie luvin'
and smooches!!

Your square cousin Autumn

Mack and Sally Ann said...

You have won an award please come to my blog to pick it up. I love your magazine spread.
Sally Ann


Eric... Glad you and mom loved the Mr. B shots. I can't believe that Jackson looks like your toffee pupcake. i think it will definitely get her to come over the big pee

happy said...

Congrats on your award, Eric! You're certainly a blessing to us too!

Ooh that's quite a centre spread! What a pose! ;-)

Dewey Dewster said...

Eeeeewwwww ya and Jackson are gonna be featured in a magazine.....wowee......I tell ya that centerfold of ya would make the ladies blush....fer sure....sure made me wanna lean in fer a least....I mean ya left nothin' ta the imagination at all.....but then that's what they always look fer....someone without any modesty....'n a commandin' presence.....ya got it made.....

Dewey Dewster here...