Saturday, 31 January 2009


Great to see you everybloggie. I've GOOD NEWS. My look. You know the one I showed you last week? Sort of worked!!!! See, I've been to see the Dermo Doctor and a follow up visit to my A Merry Can vet too. They're almost positive my itchie scratchies are NOT caused by food. Yeah!!! BUT. I'm to keep to my special one food trial and slowly introduce only one other sort of food over the next few weeks. Mom has to monitor I'm ok.Mmmmm,I'm thinking a juicy fillet steak, medium rare, would be a good to introduce first. Reading this Mom?

But oh. There was BAD NEWS. Me and the Squaries are a ittie bit down about it too. Cos we know this is just the start. I probably have Atopic Dermatitis. Boo hooooo. Dogtor said I'll get the itchie scratchies back later in the year. When I do, I go back to have over 30 skin tests to see what's causing my itchies.Then plan what to do. (Square Mom;- The plan was to test Eric at our Dermatology appointment but they omitted to tell us to take him off anti-histamine for the previous 2 weeks, so the tests couldn't be done. Not the best news after a 3 hour car journey and a 90 minute grilling on every aspect of our home,surroundings and routines!)

Course, I could tell 'em myself.I know VERY WELL what I'm allergic to. Must be 30 of them groaning and creaking their rusty old wheels around on the bloggies. Got six too many in our square house for a start off. IT'S THEM PESKY DUSTY OLD WHEELIES!!!!! You wait and see. Haaaa!!!! They'll be gone. Bye Bye Wally Wednesday!!

Everso nice knowing you. NOT. Miss Enid. Barking of Miss Enid....caught her red pawed yesterday. Balancing her worn out wheels on the tin trunks all in her silly old sepia.

Clunking away on the typewriter. Yapped to ask who she was writing to. But dog-a-blog, after Otis kittie bro' ripped half her mouth off, she can hardly get a word out. Mumbles mostly. Think she said Myrna and another another, yawn yawn, wheelie. Wonder who eh?? As if I care. Booooooring.

Now see how the leggeds have been looking after me. Got me another Nina Ottoson game for Christmas. My third one. Love her games. GAMES = FOOD. This one's meant to be played for tasty rewards hidden under the pegs. What did I get last week? Not much. Certainly not a sausage. Just one munchy crunchy under each peg. Taken from my dinner allowance. Isn't that an insult? Blogging BIG ONE.

Games an insult too. Easy peasy. But I was thinking with my belly. Besides. I want to join the circus when I'm grown. All good practise. But I'm so pitifully weak, could hardly pull those pegs out. Did you see? Course you did. Next week'll be different. Boy oh Boy. With the finest fillet steak under those wooden whatsits I'll be started and finished faster than you can Yip Yap "Bye Bye Wheelies".


Mango said...

That game was far to easy for your square self. I saw some of those itchie test doggies when I had to go to the doggie dermatologist. It looks like no fun at all.


Gus said...

Wowser, you are very good at that gameo! We sure hope you get your steak, but maybe slammin salmon for the fish oil would be better? Yum. With a baked tater on the side....mmmmmiammmm!



Well.. good news no food allergies. I like your game..but agree... taking from dinner allowance is not a bonus. I noticed your weakness affected your performance in pulling the pegs. Your squares just don't understand what you go thru.


Lorenza said...

Hi, Eric!
Glad to know your itches are not caused by your food.
That testing thing does not sound very fun!
You are so good with that game. You took your time but you did it!
Kisses and hugs

Jackson said...

I've got a cheapskate version of that game made by someone else, but my technique is a little more haphazard. More like a bull in a china shop, in fact, hehehe. I wonder if you went to the same hospital that I go to. Did you see the Jackson wing, named in my honour (just kidding, although my fees there COULD have financed a whole new wing!). Sorry to hear about your itchies, but at least you'll be getting steak from now on, I assume. J x

the 4 Bs said...

hi Eric, you are so smart. we love the way you worked that toy to get those treats out. we didn't think you were being weak, we thought you were gentle. you're really good at that.

we're sorry about those darn itchies. Baxter and Brody have itchies too and mom wants to take them to the doggy dermatologist when she has a job and more money someday. we hope you will get yours cured and then you can eat all of the wonderful foodables in the world!


Quinvale AstaLaVista Baby said...

G'day Eric,

Thank dog I've nevew had the itchie scratchies, but mum's other dogs, Caesar and Brigand had them bad. Let me know if you need any nursie cawe.

xxx Asta (oz)

Daniella said...

you are awfully sweet with that game, I'd be throwing up those pegs with a lot more veracity in a hurry to get to the food!!
Sorry to hear about your itchies, welcome to the club. As I write this I have a comfort collar around my neck so that I can't bite my thigh which has a massive hot spot!


Asta said...

My Deawest Eric
i hope that steak matewializes befowe you collapse fwom weakness, you poow Dawling..You awe so clevew at aall those hawdly seems like a challenge fow a whagging bwilliant WFT like you..maybe it was meanty fow a lessew doggie.

Myrna weceived a lettew fwom Enid..thay have some secwet plans..just let them won't distuwb all ouw fun..BTW, If you want I can come ovew and play in the snow, now that Petey has gone home. I'm quite alone and boowed, and I'd love to be wif you..I can help scwitchie youw itchies
smoochie kisses

Butchy & Snickers said...

Hey Eric,
Poor boy, steak sure sounds yummy, but the salmon oil is a very good idea. Too bad you have the atopic thingy, Mama has that too. Never can figure out what starts her horrible rashes. Her vetty told her even her just BREATHING something could cause them. Jeepers, she'll never figure em out. Have fun with your games.
Luv & Wirey Hugs,
Butchy, Snickers, Ruby, Sylvester & Scuby
PS One of our wheelies received a letter today, maybe it was from Enid. Mama wouldn't let us see it either.

Agatha and Archie said...

Well HOORAY and BOO..hooray for the food( want some stinking ostrich???? we haven;t gotten any of that yet) and BOO for it coming back.PL2 is thinking that is what Arch has too .You did lok stinking weak there..sould barely pull the pegs out..Arch had a bit of a shock becasue he thought it was me playing the game and he said he hadn't seen that game here yet!! We have the one that you puch the boxed over.....I got a bit violent with it the other day..tee hee Love and kisses A+A

Agatha and Archie said...

Oh boy we did not proof read what we wrote... it is llike in a different language!!!!!! Love A+A

Stanislaw said...

That is the awesomest toy I've EVER SEEN! You must be the smartest pup in the world to figure that out. I'm waaaay too impatient!

Dewey Dewster said...

Eric my man,

Glad ta hear yer allergies aren't ta food...geez, a guy could waste away fer sure not gettin' any goodies day after that's one cool game ya have there....we always knew that the British were much calmer than the Americans are...I can tell ya that we would chew up those pegs right along with the goodies under 'em.....yer sure ta get a good job in the circus, Eric.....keep practicin'....

Dewey Dewster here.....

Joe Stains said...

Thank dog its not the food!! Mom's allergies are really bad right now, do you think she has snuck in a wheely somewhere??? I sure hope not, so far we have been wheely free around here!

Maggie and Mitch said...

You are so gentle with that game, Eric, and so smart! Mitch is nudging me that we should ask mom for one of those. That's a whole bunch of treats at once!
We sure hope a cure is found for your itchies!

Bae Bae said...

You sure are good at that game Eric. ;)

~ Bae

Simba and Jazzi said...

You need a much more challenging game.

Simba and Jazzi xx

Sophie Brador said...

Eric! That is some game. I'm not sure I could appreciate that one. Might just have to eat the pegs and the munchy crunchies.

My mom went and had those needles stuck all over her and her itchy scratchies went away, until she ate some tomato sauce, and then they were right back. Seems her allergy to fresh tomatoes may have morphed into an allergic to cooked ones too. Maybe she'll have to settle for old musty tomatoes or something.

I sure hope they figure out your itchy scratchies.


Stanley said...


I sure hope they figure out exactly what is making you itchy & scratchy, then Mr. Al Urgee can get the heck out of town!

I never knew you were so fond of your wheelie brother & sisters. Now I know.

That game is a bit of an insult, and the injury on top of it is no EXTRA food! I definitely want to see video of you pulling those pegs off & getting that steak! Definitely need to record that for the blog, man!

Goober love & smooches,

Penny, Poppy & Patches said...

Eric, we sure hope they figure out your itchy problem soon. BTW, it is NOT caused by wheelies! Our mom says ALL wheelies are hypoallergenic! Yeah, right, Mom! We hope you get your steak!

Poppy, Penny & Patches

Koobuss said...

Good luck with your itches, Eric! I hope that they can cure them without putting you through too much of an ordeal. At least you can have all the steak you want!

Love and Koobuss Kisses,

Deetz said...

I am sorry you gots the itchies. Are you still starving or is your mum giving up the should get atleast 5 snackies a day in order to survive. I would just die if I did not have that many snackies a day.

Fenway said...

I want me one of those games! You are a SMART boy, Eric.

We hope your mysterious dermatitis gets better. Salmon oil is VERY good for you. So is Vitamin E. Listen to Stanislaw...he knows tons about supplements.

Please be VERY careful about getting medicines for your itchies. Be sure to avoid prednisone if you can. It damages your liver and that will come back to haunt you as you age.

I hope you get better! And thanks for voting for me!

Petey said...


You're pretty amazing with that toy - so careful and deliberate! I'm afraid I'd be like Jackson and just knock the whole thing over!

Mommy liked hearing her twinny at the beginning and the end of your movie. Tomorrow she gets her hardware taken out - something about staples and a drain!

Your pal,


Chef said...

It's good to hear it isn't food that giving you the itchies, Eric. Mama has the same dermatitis as you. She just ignores the itchies and fights the temptation to scratch til they go away but I know that's not possible for us doggies. I wish it was ... maybe your Mommy can divert you when you start to scratch. Just stay away from cortison if you can...Geez, you're slow and deliberate with that game of yours - I'd have chewed the whole thing up in one minute. Sad but true - I'm just a little ADD with that kind of stuff. Just throw three or four balls in different directions and I excel!! You're very smart.


Scruffy, Lacie and Stanley's Place said...

Oh bootiful you are...were ya writin' to Myrna??? Do you write in sepia????

I am totally sure that Eric is NOT allergic to ya sweet Girl...who chewed off half of ur face? OMD...what a horrible story...

Did you dogs get the snow that we read about????

Tell Eric we wanna see some pix of him romping!!!



William Tell said...

Eric, I'm sure your wheelies could come and visit us for awhile, just to see if they're the problem with your itchies. Cap, Glynn and I would love, playing with them.

Happy Tails,
William Tell

happy said...

Gee Eric, sorry to hear about your itchie scratchies. Glad to know it's not the food though. Phew...Keeping paws crossed you find a remedy for it. Hope it's not the wheelies though...she's so cute!


We loved seeing your visit with Asta!
Smart lad sitting on top of the huge snow ball!


Asta said...

I had soooo much fun womping in the snow wif you!
yu awe the best..did you get all the kiisses I bwought you fwom taffee ?
She was most anxious that you get them.
I wish we all live dneaw each othew
smoochie kisses

Molly and Taffy said...


Wow we are mightily impressed that you will dine on steak! Will it be on the menu every day? Could we pop over for tea one day?????

Paws crossed your itchies sort themselves out.

Molly and Taffy