Friday, 21 March 2008


It's kind of lonely on my Square Dog Planet.Wheelie very worrying,I think I may be the only WFT that's here.I’ve been looking and searching but I’ve not met NOT ONE other Wirey since I left my sibbeees over a year ago.This is me back then with my furry family (I'm 2nd from the left, the gorgeous big boy).I must have lots of doggie cousins all over,where are they? By the way as you can see,I’m the foxy type without wheels. The Wheelie Fairy passed us by.

When I arrived home Mom and Pops had bought me Wheelie Doggies from Mr.E.Bay to keep me company. Aw,they are soooooooooo the best.Here I am with Bertie, chowing down together happy as can be.Cute huh? Bertie's not so bad either, that’s me at the front of the photo,tee,he!

(that’s food on the floor behind me, not mine or Bertie's poop!)

I’m wheelie ashamed to show you these next photos. I hope you'll forgive me.The temptation was just too much for a puppy boy desperate to try out his new sharp new teeth. Uh,oh,big mistake. Result - Bertie MAD, Mom SAD, Eric VERY, VERY BAD. I was wheelie sorry . . .

especially as all my mini-me's lived on the highest unreachable shelf for a long time after

We're playmates again now I’m all grown up and understand that Wirey Dogs of every type are Wheely Kindred Spirits. Pees and Love to all doggies! Well nearly all,I just have to take out my a-grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr-ession on those scary black Labradors instead.

Pawsome as my mini-me's are,I'm longing to meet up with WFT doggies like me to woof around together on the Square Dog Planet. You haven't seen one have you ?


Sally G said...

Eric darling I am looking for a sweetheart to penpal with, I'm 25 pounds of love. I dig like crazy and can out run my big brother. I always get the last bite so I am a Foxy Lady.
Sally G

Asta said...

Hi Eric
So vewy nice to meet you..thewe's a whole bunch of us out thewe..I'd love to be youw fwiend!!! I live in NYC and I hope you come and visit my bloggie too...I have a wheeley sissy named Myrna..all us wiwes with wheelie fwiends decided to let wednesdays be theiw day to post..Wheeley wednesday.
You look like a weal sweetie!!(put youw pictoowe in my guestbook pleez!)
love and smoochie kisses