Monday, 24 March 2008


Mom spent all of fifteen minutes making me this Easter bonnet yesterday for the Easter Bonnet Contest. I did complain about having to wear it,those big bunny feet gave me a headache, thump, thump,thumping against my head all day long.And isn't a pink rabbit, well - an itsy bit girly? Mom was like nooooo Eric,it's cute, just look how perfectly bunny's pink fur compliments the colour of your tongue . . .

Pawsonally I think Moms gone a bit stir crazy over this Easter break and needs to get out more. I'll take her for a long walk today if it's not raining white stuff again. We could of taken photos of that which might have been marginally more interesting for you but Mum was far too busy making my bonnet,sorry.


Blue said...

Hi Eric!

Belated Easter Greetings to you & your family.

Sorry - still LOL here @ your bunny bonnet - not @ you, of course.

I'm a HUMAN friend of both Asta, Koobus & lots more Dogs with Blogs but I have a real soft spot for terriers, especially WFT's as my childhood sister Judy was one such little girl, so hope we become good friends.

Although I am dogless, dogs feature frequently in my blog journal, do pop over @ say Hi, sometime.

You must get acquanted with my fav. WFT Jackson, who I've met, he has a family of wheelies, who live with him!
He's computor probs @ mo, but will be back soon

Pats & pets

Agatha and Archie said...

Helllloooo Eric!! We are Agatha and Archie 2 wire fox terriers who live in Boston Massachewsetts and gets into tons of trouble!! Our good pal Koobus sent us over!! Come and visit us!! There are LOTS of us on the blogs!!! WELCOME!!! Love A+A

Lacy said...

woofies Eric, me iz glad to meeteded iz at the rainbow bridge playin now, but me will watch over finks u hat iz verwy cute...

b safe,
;)angel lacylulu

Noah the Airedale said...

Hiya Eric
Ahhhh a comments section excellent!
We're going to add you to our list of maties if that's ok.

Hugs and tail wags
Noah Willow Tess & Lucy

Asta Marie said...


Well goodness me....ya look like a Ginger Wire...are ya? I like your bonnet. This is Asta Marie and I am a wire fox terrier and I live with my son, Dewey, and Toby, the Lakeland Terrier....come visit us anytime..well in cyberland, anyway....too far to come in the car isn't it? I like to play the slot machines and win...that's the best part..the winning. Hope ya like Bloggerland.....later,

Asta Marie

Luna "The Scruffy Yacht Dog" said...

Hello Eric,

My name is Luna. I am a lunatic wirey girl from Long Island, NY. I found your blog through Koobuss. I remember when I started my blog last April. You are a very cute wirey boy. Checkout my blog when you get a chance.

Luna Licks,


Opy - the Original GruffPuppy said...

hey buddy,

welcome to - it is great to meet you and I am sure you will make lots of new friends here :-)


Penny & Poppy said...

Hi Eric! It's nice to meet you. We are two female Airedales that live in Georgia, USA! We like you Easter hat!

Poppy & Penny

Pacco de Mongrel said...

harlow eric...

is great to meet another WFT...

Dewey Dewster said...


My Mom, Asta, meant to ask if you were a ginger wire instead of a tri-colored wire....are ya? Tri-colored wires are black, tan and white and ginger wires are only ginger and white. It was hard to tell from your photo but ya almost looked like the ginger wires. Maybe ya can tell us more about yourself...we'd love to hear it...

Dewey Dewster here.

William Tell said...

Welcome, Eric! I love the photo of you running and the leash whiplashing in the air behind you.

Kinda reminds me!

Happy Tails,
William Tell

Asta said...

This is Astathe little urbanista, hehehe,
I love youw eastew bonnet!!!What a cutie you awe!!!youw tongue is bootiful and matches pawfectly
I wish you didn't live so faw, but one of my best fwiends(Jackson lives in gweat bwitain too)
We can have lots of fun anyway..we have many viwtooal pawties, and ouw fwiend Ruby has a plane so she can give us wides anytime..see you soon
smoochie kisses

Penny & Poppy said...

Hi again, Eric! To answer your question about Wheelie Wednesday...Pearl the Pug who is #833 on page 5 of the DWB has a Pug on Wheels that actually started the blog before Pearl came to live with her. Now, Pearl does most of the posts, but Opal started Wheelie Wednesday, so anyone with a "wheeled stuffie" posts on Wednesdays. Some of them are very old toys and some of the small ones (like Opal) were actually made by our mom and sold to their people. I hope that answers your question!

Poppy & Penny

Sparky said...

Hi Eric! I love your blog. You're awesome! And your Easter bonnet looks fantastic!


Koobuss said...

Hi Eric,

It's me, Koobuss!! How are you doing? I see that you have made may new friends already. That is wonderful! Keep bloggin', buddy, and keep stopping by to say Hi!

Love and Koobuss Kisses,

Asta said...

Hi Eric
I was so happy when I got mail fwom you today!!! I put my pictoowe up on youw guest book..thank you fow doing youws on mine!
I just know we will be gweat fwiends!
hope you'we having a gweat day!
smoochie kisses

Lorenza said...

Hi, Eric!
Thanks for your email!
Your mom is right. You look so cute with your bonnet!
Kisses and hugs

Thor said...

Hi Eric!
Nice to meet you! Beautiful blog and pictures!


Scruffy, Lacie and Stanley's Place said...

Eric...we've been lookin' for you blog!!! We saw a comment from you on someone's bloggie, but we didn't know your blogsite!!!

Mumsie's last WFT's nickname was "Squareface!"

There are tons of wireys on the web...looks like you found a bunch of em so far...we found you from Koobie's blog!

Welcome to the world of blogging! It's the best! We have lots of parties and stuff...barkday parties, poker parties etc etc...(virtual...but you'll never know the difference!!!)

I am Scruffy...a 2 yr. old Wire Fox from Pittsburgh...

I live with (sigh)
Lacie...a 13 month old Lakeland terrier and

Stanley (aka Babystan on the blog cuz there's another big Dale named Stanley...) a 10 month old Dale pup...

Our house is nuts!

Asta mentioned Jackson, a wire foxy from the UK. His pooter is busted for now, but you'll have to meet him too!!! AND he has wheelies!

Come and visit!!!

Scruffy, Lacie, and Babystan

happy said...

Hello Eric! You looked cute in the bunny bonnet.

Jackson said...

Hey Eric, at last there's another UK WFT blogger! My name is Jackson and I live on the South coast in the UK. Please drop by my blog and woof hello! J x

Asta said...

Hi Eric,
I can't believe you like owange too! You'we the fiwst one of my fwiends who!!! city doggies unite!!hehehe..I am sowt of winking in that pictoowe, but I don't mean to tease..sowwy..I hope you have a fabulous weekend, and thanks fow the fashion advice about the poka dots..that's what I'm taking
and smoochie kisses
pee ess glad you met Jackson..he's one of my vewy bestest fwiends!