Sunday 27 June 2010


Want to take a trip to Cool Britannia? Cool as in hip. With a bit of hop. Down Hoxton and Shoreditch way. Uber trendy east London with a bit of edge. Went there the other day when Daddy Square was doing a spot of business. After. The Squares decided it was the perfect shopportunity to take a stroll down Columbia Road. It's a street where you can actually park! For free! Rammed full of individual shops. With a strong whiff of nostalgia in the air and not a chain store in sight. Interesting shops. Galleries. A Perfumier. Vintage stuff. Flower Market on Sundays. A tea shop called Treacle. Dishing up cups of builder's tea alongside a wodge of scrummy cake. Then. This Cafe. Which has nothing to do with me.

Well.I was innocently taking my wig on a swagger when we came to this cutsie Olde Fashioned Sweet Shop.

Both squares ooooed over every sort of sweetie they hadn't seen for donkeys. Sadly not at Olde Fashioned prices.

You can look at all the lip licking delectables on their web site. Here. Suck and Chew. Anyways. As I was yapping. Was just fox trotting past. When.

Got me a glimpse of something wheelie disturbing out the corner of my pies. NOOOOOOOO!!! Not one! Not two!! But three!!!

Three of them pesky wheelies in the shop!!! Those foxy impostors are back at it. Plotting how to take over us doggies blogs!!! How the dickens do they manage to roll themselves into such unusual places? Sent Mom in to investigate lickety spit. Mr Suck n Chew invited me inside too. Said would I like to have my photo taken along side the wheelies? Seeing how I was the real thing. Haaaa!!!! Sit beside them? Not on your nelly.

More like spill their sawdust. (Xcuse that photo. Something to do with me being on a sugar rush made Mom take the photo on the wrong setting.) Barked them my warning. No plotting!!! Get off us doggies blogs!!! Course. They couldn't bark a word back. What with their gobs being crammed full of Highland Toffee. Sherbet Pips. Pineapple Chunks. Parma Violets. Dib Dabs. Humbugs. Dolly Mixtures. Sherbet Fountains. Aniseed Balls. Plus probably more than one Gob Stopper.

Silly Squares dragged me back outside. Something to do with my bad wiring. Mom said it was smashing shop. Turns out Mr Suck and Chew was a real sweetie too. He told two kids who hadn't got enough money to pay for the sweets they wanted, it didn't matter, just give him what money they had!!!! She said that was wheelie very wagging. Which bloggies is more than I was. Seeing those wheelies plotting. Apparently. Lots of shoppers want to take them home. Imagine! Thank dog we didn't, we've more than enough of our own.

Couple of days later we were sitting downstairs and heard the biggest loudest ever ever ever CRASH. BANG. WALLOP. Overhead. Jeepers. We nearly all qualified for my pal Jo Stains award. Know what that noise was? Four long shelves full of of books, plus a couple of Mom's boxes of jewellery and framed photo's which float on a wall in kitties bedroom, suddenly decide to part company with the wall. And float down just like that. Been there for years too. Like a domino effect the shelves,books and all crashed down to the floor. Now. Guess who lives on the floor directly below the shelves? OOOOOO Haaaaa!!! YES!!! My pesky wheelies!!!! This is a photo of how one of the shelves landed. Course there was books and stuff all higgedly piggledy on that shelf too but Mom removed it all before taking the photo.

Not a single thing landed on them pesky wheelies. Well maybe that shelf biffed Miss Enid on her nose as it fell. That's all. Bark about a charmed life. Not even a punctured wheel between them. But Mom is missing a diamond ear thingy. Thinks it must have gone down a crack in the olde floorboards. Course. I keep yapping to Miss Enid has she seen it but all of a sudden she's gone a bit deaf. Haaa! Funny that.


How Sam Sees It said...

Those wheelies are actually quite nice - we are so sorry they are bothering so much. Maybe you could ask Maggie and Mitch how they deal with theirs?


Gus said...

Oh watching those wheelie devils for new holes in their ears! Or other, less obvious places.


Noah the Airedale said...

Oh wow we've got one of those lollie shops in our village. Your peeps are right about the prices...they aint what they used to be!!
Glad you werent under the shelve matie....

Noah x

houndstooth said...

Okay, now I'm feeling a bit paranoid, like Wheelies might be lurking around every corner! Are you sure they didn't cause that whole catastrophe?

I do wish I could have gone on that shopping trip, though!


Agatha and Archie said...

OUR POOTER IS BACK!!!! AND JUST IN TIME...HONESTLY.....ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? DON'T YOU THINK IT A BIT ODD,,, I SAID ODD..... that you see THREE WHEELIES THAT'S THREE IN A CANDY SHOP... AND THEN THE BOOKCASE FALLS DOWN AND ALL OF YOUR WHEELIES ARE FINE...JUST FINE.. really just think about this( Archie says he has been thinking but doesn't get it, I am getting a sore throat for screaming in capitals....) really it is all too much for me...Love Aggie and Arch I mean A+A (see what happens when you don't blog for a while??)

Dexter said...

The wheelies are creeping me out. No wonder you went all black and white in that suck and chew store. Sounds like a nasty bit of business to me.

Clearly the wheelies made the shelf come down. Watch out, they could be practicing for something even more diabolical.


Lorenza said...

Hi, Eric!
Wheelies here, wheelies there, wheelies everywhere!
Do you think the wheelies made the shelves go down?? Hmmmm...
Keep an eye on them!
Kisses and hugs

Baby Rocket Dog and Hootie said...

Are wheelies evil?? We never knew any but can only guess from what you are saying. We mean, the world takeover attempt and all. Glad to see ya back in action buddyboy!!
Aire & WelshieKisses & hugs,
BRD & HootieThewONDERdOG

Unknown said...

Eric square pal
Wow... sucks and chews... flea pits and that's upscale? I'd fit in just fine but those pesky wheelies are frightening. I'd write a message on them too. Seems your mom legged has an eye for them too. I thought she only had a thing for bad boyz. What's up? Man.. I feel for you.
Stay real and don't grow wheelies

TwoSpecialWires said...

In between Moma's hysterical laughter and nose snorting chuckles, she got a little bit homesick and a wee bit sad. For. You guessed it. Those wheelies (and wheeless ones) we left behind at home in Colorado. We know you are all for show, Eric (aren't you?).

Hoping the shelf's back up, the blood pressure is back to normal and the diamond is found. (Our auntie was going to pierce her Great Dane's ear and place a diamond stud in it. You don't think Miss Enid would do anything like that, do you? But now Winston, on the other hand? Yep. We can picture it. That's a scary thought. Oh dear. Gotta get off this thread.)

Juno said...

Hi Eric, Suck and Chew is a kind of store that our mom wants to visit! :)

Momo & Pinot

Asta said...

Spounds like you and the squawes took a tuwn awound a cownew and wound up in an oldew time..Suck and Chew and shopkeepews who let littlehoomans take candy even if they don't have enough gween lovely, and wheelies too??
You know I have nevew taken to youw beliefs of an evil wheelie takeovew..mine sit quietly and no jewelwy has gone missing and the shelves awe still standing, hmmm you'we not twying to fwame those innocents awe you???
smoochie kisses
pee ess next time i see Toffee , I'm checking hew eaws

Molly the Airedale said...

Thank doG Miss Enid wasn't injured! We're sure as soon as she comes to her senses she'll help your mom look for her diamond earring.
Good think our mom wasn't along or she'd be coming home with the wheelie with the blue pusher! Blue matches our family room - and hallway and bedroom! Right, mom!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Marvin (oh and Jeannie!) said...

My Jeannie's grandma came from Hoxton, but when her grandma lived there it was not at all trendy.

I don't think there were any wheelies either way back then!

My Jeannie is as old as the hills, so her grandma must have been alive in the stone age I reckon.

Sorry I have not been wagging your way just lately Eric, we have had computer issues.........

Loved the pics of the old sweet shop!

lotsaluv, Marvin xxxx oh and Jeannie Who Is Ancient

George The Lad said...

Its sound like some sort of horror move, you know the sort, watching you with there beady little eyes! Items missing! Bangs in the night!
Or are they here to take over the world and your the only one that can see there evil ways, Sounds like an episode from Dr Who!!! Watch your back Eric
See Yea George xxxx
I wanted one but have gone off the idea

WFT Nobby said...

Hi Uncle Eric
You know, dearest esteemed Uncle, I can't really think why you are feeling so threatened by those moth-eaten full of sawdust wheelie thingies. We, the 'real deal, are so much more appealing (or so Gail keeps telling me). I can tell you, if an inanimate object tried taking over my blog, I'll be telling it where to go!!
See You, Wheelie!
Meanwhile, Gail is busy drooling over the aniseed balls and sherbet fountains. How far is it from Aberdeen to Columbia Road. I can walk quite a long way now you know, perhaps I could fetch some for her?
Oh, 500 miles. Well I think that's still a bit outside my limit.
Toodle pip!

Unknown said...

So happy none of those dastardly wheelies have crossed my threshold! I'd destuff 'em in a flash. (probably not, Petey pretty much leaves his stuffies intact--Mom) We like the name of the candy shoppe (penny candy? More like dollar candy!) --there's a cafe in Bluffton called the "Squat'n Gobble" that Mom's always meaning to stop and take a photo of their sign. And there's the "Chat'n Chew" in New York! Love those crazy names...what should we call our shoppe/cafe Eric? Talk'n Terriers? Squares'n Balls?

Your pal,


Martha said...

Hi Eric, we so loved the sound of the very nice Mr Suck and Chew - imagine letting children have sweets for the money they had.
Does this work for soon to be OAP's?
Our leggeded loves old fashioned sweet shops but he embarrasses us all by going in and telling the poor shop seller how 'they' used to be two for a penny etc!
Now most of the time the sellers don't even know what a penny is.
Ah yes, the state of his teeth is testimony to many an aniseed ball encounter.
As for these wheelies in the shop - your leggededs must have been so happy to encounter like minded humans to themselves.
There is probably a name for this syndrome of human wheelie collectors!
How sad that the crashed shelf loaded with goodies missed the wheelies and Miss Enid!
Give us real dogs like you Eric everytime!
love and kisses
Martha and Bailey xxx

Toffee said...

I cannot imagine that anything in that store "Suck & Chew" could be nearly as sweet as you dear Eric!

may I have a little chew?

Mango the Maltese kiddo said...

Phew! Thanks goodness that you were not under those bookshelves and those pesky wheelies were still in their own pieces.
And thank goodness that you missed the famous Joe Stains award. You didn't want another diaster in the house, flood flood flood.
So sorry about your mom's diamond gone to the crack, hope it shows up in no time.

nn said...

I'm glad that the wheelies had luck, and were not hurt. They are pesky, but they are dogs after all. Cute dogs.

Scruffy, Lacie and Stanley's Place said...

Oh Miss Enid???!!!

Are you alright?? Oh my horrifying!! You said you swear that Eric loosened the bolts on that shelf? I'm sure you must be mistaken...even Eric would never be that you need a small restorative smoothie for the dreadful headache you must have? You poor dear...I'm sure Mother must have given you a large cup of tea with some additives to calm your nerves...

Try dabbing some lavender on that lacie kerchef I sent...that may help...

Oh sounds dreadful...

Worried barks,

Miss Lacie Teacakes

Scruffy, Lacie and Stanley's Place said...

Yo um first of all...tell us about that Highland toffee...does it have something to do with your sweetie?

Or is it something we could order in large quanities to STICK LACIE'S GOB (as you call it) SHUT?

Oh, that would be shrieking or yapping...

As for those wheelies in that candy breed like rabbits over there, huh?

Wonder where the UK got all those trees to grind up all that sawdust....

I dunno Eric...only you would walk into a shop and find 12 wheels rollin' back and forth...

Good luck with that...


Scruffman and Stanny

Mango the Maltese kiddo said...

Sunday July 4th is our Independence Day, please join us for a fun filled holiday!

Asta said...


You can come and have a fouwf of July good time wif us even though it's sposed to be about some independance fwom youw bootiful'snothing pawsonal I love you to bits!
smoochie kisses

Dewey Dewster said...

Geez Eric....who would think ya would see 3 wheelies hoggin' up a space in a shop while yer out and about....I tell ya be very careful.....I bet they're spies just waitin' ta take over yer blog and everyone else's too....where in the world do all these wheelies come from? There was once a movie that scared Gram ta death....The Invasion of the Body they're part of that group of invaders....fer sure...otherwise those faulty shelves woulda wiped the bunch of 'em right outta yer house....

Dewey Dewster here....

Bobby said...

That sounds like a great street, Flea Pit,Suck & Chew with wheelies. They might be spies, what Pip and I are thinking is it is funny how all the wheelies more or less look like all you square dogs. Pip thinks they are trying to tell us unsquares something.
May be you sqare types are spies, Pip said you told all what happend in Holland

Inky and Molly said...

Sheesh how lucky (or unlucky?) nodoggie got hurt with the shelving incident.
Sounds like you had a good time out and about with the squares. Our pinkie got all reminiscent of the London times when she read about your venture. We say, it's all in the future, not the past, innit?!