Thursday 24 May 2012


Woofing at you every doggie! How's your wiggers wagging? Now.I know. Long time no see. But see. Been busy. Preparing for my dig day. Or is that big day? I'm lead performer in the opening show. Of. You. Know. What. In. London. Twenty. Twelve. Smashing eh?

Yeah. See? Been working like a dog in rehearsals.

I'm sure this is my start position.

Ooops. Almost forgot to salute the Royal Dorgies.

Hey! You! Waaay back in the cheap seats. See me ok?

Course. You doggies in ringside have a smashing view of my square self.

Now. Everybloggie.Watch me! Watch me!

Wheyyyy Heyyyyyyy!!Here I gooooooooooooo.........

What? You're thinking "Huh Eric.....that's really EASYPEASYLEMONSQUEEZY?"



CRIKEEEY. Hope I don't frizzle my fine foxie furs.....

Saturday 17 December 2011


Ho ho ho! Haz everybloggie been good? Oui? Long time no zee. Oui.It really IZ me! Santa Pawz!

St.Nicholaz. I'm having ze kittens over ze Squarez choice of Chrizmaz decorationz. Now. Ici. Zee theze Chrizmaz baubliez....

O.La.La.Loveleezee. Zen. There iz zere pathetic Chrizmaz tree. Hehee!! Saved only by a square woofzee hanging at ze very tippy top.

But zen. One can hardly believe onze piez. Ze Sqwuares want to change ze existing comfy cushionz on ze sofaz for Chrizmaz. My friendz. Prepare your good elf selvez. Zey want to change zem.... to zeeze onez!!!!!!!!!

Zut Alorz! Are zey mad? Black cushionz will show up ze loose furz? And az if Eric can read. (winky winky eh everydoggie?!)I must show ze Squarez how to decorate for Christmaz. Az ze room must be, how you zay? Mixy Matchy wiz ze charming and most handzome Eric! Show him at his best. A demonzration if you pleeze Eric. Of how ze colour palettez of the decorz must blend and colour matchy to your fine furry self. Ah zooooo.

Magnifique!! How modest dear Eric iz as he'z demonstrating how the Squarez decor should mixy matchy him. Oui! Oui! The Squarez need to understand a dog curled up against mixy matchy sofaz cushionz is this yearz MUST HAVE Christmaz Room Decoration. Isn't that zo doggeez?

Monday 17 October 2011


Well would you blogging believe it?
A visitor from over the pee!
Came to see this wiry square dog,
Auntie Jane. And my bestie pal Petey.

Yikes! Then who rocked up? Yes! Lacie!
Screaming "Stoopid Square.You fixed me a date?
Aunti Jane! Put on my black lippy.
And Eric. I don't want a date with your mate!!!

True to form Lacie cranked up her blender
Wizzed up drinks with coke zero (no fat)
Seemed to send her a itsy bit crazzeeee
Double dating with my brother the cat.......

Fox trotted our guests to my Pally
Tried to lose 'n confuser her. See?
Butt. Hoo boy! That Lacie went diggin'
Her butt stuck. Off course. Tee hee!!

"Let me in! Let me in!" Lacie schreechied.
"I've a date with some dude called Harry
Meantime. Guess I'll look.....
For rich batchelor dogs to marry.

I dispatched them girls quick to the station.
On a train bound for gay Parrrree.
Heard the beasty was way embarrassin'....
Screaming "Boyz! C'est Lacie. Lakie"

They zoomied around. Sightseeing the town.
Autie J! Auntie B! Take piccy's of me!
Lacie yapped "In Pareeee. Mais Oui!
I'm by far the BIGGEST attraction. Ici!"

Course. They visited Versailles Palace
All sparkling with glitter and gold.
King Louis was once there residing
And Lacie came over all bold.......

"A King where is he? I want him!" she trilled.
"I'll feed him breakfast and smoothies in bed.
What? A wife? He already has one?
Umm. Perhaps they can chop off her head?"

"Imagine me Queen of this Frogland
Dressed in Ermine with Amethyst Crown.
I would rule everydoggie wears purple!
And Miss Enid will hold up my gown."

But this yapping of hers soon abated.
And she sat most content by the Lake.
Think it's due to that Marie ghost whisperin'
"Forget him then you can eat cake......?"

We had a superdooper time with our vistors. Come back soon. Yeah. Even you Lacie!

Wednesday 7 September 2011


Everybloggie. Power of the Paw is needed for my Best Friend Furever. Petey. Wig your wag over and wish him a speedy recovery from his surgery.

He and his Mom need our power to help Petey back on his paws. Playing ball again. Know you can do it Petey! Trucks loads of zen is coming your way. And. Sigh. You lucky boy......those Hot to Trot nursies too.....