Sunday, 22 May 2011


Yoohoo everbloggie. How's about doing a Squiz for a change? That's a quiz by a Square dog. The photo will give you a clue to the right answer. Righty ho. Ready Steady? Let's go.

Question 1. Is this...

S. As pretty as a picture?
D. Lovely.But look better with a dog in it?
E. A peaceful place to wig your wagger?

Question 2. Am I....

S.Putting my best paw forward?
D.Plotting my next Eric Dastardly Deed?
E.Looking blooming handsome?

Question 3. Me again. Am I?

S. Stopping to smell the flowers?
D. Getting a dogalicious whiff of sausage rolls from a backpackers bag?
E. Listening to them bluebells ring-a-dinging?

Question 4. What happened next. Did I ....

S. Practice my sprint start for the 2012 Olympics?
D. Run like the clappers towards those sausage rolls?
E. Show both Squares my clean pair of heels?

Question 4. Later. I'm barking at Daddy Square. Was I ..

S. Asking for brown sauce to go with my sausage rolls?
D. Begging not to be put back on my lead?
E. Asking what was for puddin'?

Question 5. This is a difficult one. After being walked on my lead in the opposite direction for at least fifteen minutes. And a loooong distance away from the backpackers bag. I was let off my lead. Guess what?

S.The Squares reflect on what a lovely peaceful walkies we were all having?
D.I was nowhere to be seen as I legged it straight back for a second helping of sausage roll?
E.I took time to enjoy this smashing view?

Question 6. Heheeheee!! Am I laughing.....

S. Because Daddy Square fell headlong over skinning his knees as he tried to catch me and shouted out plenty of naughty naughty bad boy words?
D. Because I'm a right little rascal?
E. Both of the above?

Daddy Square remarked he hasn't skinned his knees like that since he was 10 and wondered if the backpacker ever had a sense of humour.

Question 7. But what was this bad boy thinking as I was hooked on my lead for the rest of the walk.....

S. I can win the Olympics 100yd dash easy peasy if there's food at the end of the track.
D. Lookie! My butt is half the size of a certain flakie Lakie's?
E. Put your mincies on me! I should win "Rear of the Year" eh?


Bouncing Bertie said...

Hi Uncle Eric,
What an interesting quiz, sorry squiz. Seems to me that the difference between a quiz and a squiz is that in the latter ALL the answers are correct!
Gail is going all 'aahh what beautiful bluebells, it must have been so lovely to spend the day there' and I am going 'well tell us Eric please just how good was that sausage roll?'
Great to see you back and in such fine form, dear chap.
Toodle pip!
In awe and admiration as ever,
Your loving nephew, Bertie.

Amber-Mae said...

I agree with Bouncing Bertie. I think all the answers are correct! You look crazy handsome in those pictures & all those flowers are beautiful!

Gus said...

Wonderful Squiz. The answers, as Amber Mae said, are ALL OF THE ABOVE.

We hope you had a good time


Mango said...

That was a most excellent and entertaining quiz. One can only imagine the squeals of delight from all humans as you assaulted the back packer and tested Daddy Square's agility (lacking, I fear). You ARE a rgith little rascal.


TwoSpecialWires said...

OurNinaGirl is wishin' her quizzes were squizzes 'cause they're a boatload more fun and worth taking over and over again. We all must've read this one at least a dozen times and sent the link to half that many people. It made us giggle and ooo and awww and admire your most beautiful wig wagger. AND it made us hungry ... for sausage rolls and brown sauce ... and for a hike through the bluebells. Winston and Charles know exactly what we're missing.

So. Did the backpacker share? If not, shame on him! He needs to learn some manners.

Happy to see ya out and about,
Jake and Fergi and OurMoma

Maggie and Mitch said...

You are so clever, Eric, and you look MOST handsome among the beautiful Bluebells!

Love ya lots
Maggie and Mitch

George the Lad said...

lol!! ok here's are my answers
Looks like mosty D's
lovely bluebells bet the smell of the sausage was better, hope it was HP you had with it :)
Have a good week
See Yea George xxx

Scruffy, Lacie and Stanley's Place said...

Oh long were you in the Naughty Corner this time? And your Dad skinned his knees??? Did you giggle???

And you know a Lakie with a large bottom?? How unfortunate...we petite dogs need to be pawfectly proportioned and well balanced.

Mumsie said to mention to Square Mom that she is in Punta Cana...and a very large package with holes poked in it will be arriving for her...she collected ALL OF THE BIRDS IN THE DINING ROOM....shipping them off to ya...saw one dive bomb a lady yesterday and she screamed...her husband made the mistake of laughing. Wife attacked him with her napkin...and she was mad.

Think the health department would have a field day.

Hope you enjoyed the sausage...perhaps the next backpacker will have a rabbit in his bag...


Miss Lacie Teacakes

Chloe and Cecil said...

Oh this was such a fun post! Wees let Mom and Winston wear it fiwst and dey awe still laughing! Da pictuwes wew weally good.
Mom always says "Winston looks just as good coming as going" wees don't noose what dat means but she laughs evewy times she says dat!

Lorenza said...

It is not easy to choose just one option from each question!
Knowing you...
Kisses and hugs

Anonymous said...
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Molly, Taffy, Monty and Winnie said...

Good quiz Eric. Lots of D's in the answer with a few "E's". WE enjoyed that immensely. Hope your Dad's knees are all mended now.

Molly, Taffy, Monty and Winnie

Sam said...

Tee-hee... We think whatever answers are correct (and we think all of them), that they all point to the fact that you had quite the adventure!


Petey said...

Dear Bestie,

I believe the correct answer to each and every question is ALL OF THE ABOVE. Loverly. The bluebells too. I went back to Agility class today and surprised all those youngsters by showing that an old(er) dog can most certainly learn new tricks. Especially when the nice teacher is holding a dog treat for me! I was awesome....

Your pal,

Petey at the beach

Dewey Dewster said...

Geez Eric....I haven't put on my thinkin' cap yet.....'n ya want me ta read all those ??? 'n provide appropriate answers.........gee I'm gonna be like a bunch of the others in sayin' all the answers are if that is true...then those were all TRICK Questions.

PS. Love the reference ta Lacie's BUM.....funny she didn't get it at all.....hehehehehehe

PS2. Ya look dashing and I hope the sausage roll was delicious....

Dewey Dewster here.....

TwoSpecialWires said...

Bad boy (of course, we're talking 'bout your SquareDad for saying all those naughty words) Just have to say, though, that images of the bluebell bonanza keeps bringin' a smile to Moma's face. And that's a VeryGoodThing, considering the circumstances.

She says to say, "Someday ...." We're not sure what she means, but she says it a lot.

Jake and Fergs

Joe Stains said...

Thanks for the comment on Joe's blog. We are glad we could keep you laughing. Tanner will try his hardest to do the same, but nobody is Joe Stains.

Bobby said...

We nearly missed this one,
Pip said Its all of them, all S.D.E. I think hot dogs and back packers mostly. 1st D. 6 S. 7E.
Because that sure is a cute but and girls just love them.
Licks Bobby

Asta said...

Dawling Ewic my sweet
fowgive me fow being so neglectful, but you know the cause..(Mommi the hewmit)
Iloove youw SQUIZ pawfect answews all and oh, youw handsome nottyness just dwives me wild..I so wish I could wun thwoo those boobells wif you and help you gwab all the snausegewools in the wowld, hehehe
I didn't wealize that Daddi Squawe was so young that he was still in showt pants..sending him smoochie healews fow his knee
honestly, I don't undewstand hoomans wifout hoomow..they should be delighted to get a chance to see youw pawfect backside as you wan off wif those yummies
smoochiest of kisses
ASta Sweetpea

Asta said...

DAwlingest Ewic
Youw healing wiwy licks of love have made my eaws all bettew sweettie mine. I still have to put that sticky , icky medecin salve in them til next fwiday, and it's most unatwactively gweasy, BUT!!! it feels a thousand pawcent bettew.
Muzzew was soo generoos wif the food , you can't imagine...I know she would spoil you wotten must get hew to visit.
Thank you fow saying I look pwetty..I was not feeling vewy confident
I hope you and the squawes awe having a most wondewful weekend
smoochie kisses youw Asta sweet pea

William Tell said...

Well, I never was good at multiple choice quizzies but I think I aced this one! Sorry about your Dad's knees, and hope you weren't the one that broke the fall. :)

Happy Tails,
William Tell

Asta said...

Yooohooo Ewic
Just came to leave you a hoomungous smoochie to last you thwoo the weekend

Cassy said...

I am not good in guessing. On the other hand, you posted very good photos.

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Eubie said...

Ciao Eric, I'm Eubie an Italian cousin. Your blog is nice and I add it to my favourites. I already met (not in real paws, only in blogspot) Sally from London.She's a beautiful terrierina.Here where I lived there are not many of us terriers.I'm the only REAL dog in town!A presto!

Anonymous said...
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Shane Kent Louis said...

That was an exiting and entertaining squiz..your dog looks like the toy of my cute

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Asta said...

my dawling squawe sweetie,
I know youw heawt is wif youw lovely Toffee, but i' came to give you a hooge owange smooch anyway. I hope she won't mind
I miss you sweetie and hope you will have a most wondewful weekend
smoochie kisses
ASTA sweetpea

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