Monday, 23 August 2010


Hey everybloggie! Want to guess what's a lurking in my fridge?

Nope .Wasn't my carrot.

Nothing to do with wine bottles either.

They belong to Wino Kittie.

It's this box. Got my name on it. Writ large.

Ram jammed with poking sticks for my allergies. Put your peepers on that bottle. S'possedly. Stuffed with some of them things that make me Itchy. And more than a little Scratchy. Squillions of Grasses. Trees. Weeds. Not forgetting Wino Kittie. Amazing eh? How they squish that lot into a little bottle.

Mom has to inject me with a loading dose every 2 weeks. Trying for 6 months but might be for way way longer. And way more ££££. Way too sooon to tell if they are helping yet either.

Mom worried her square head off about giving me injections. But compared to the horror of what could happen to me AFTER the stick poking she says they're a breeze. Cos if I react badly. Gulp. My throat would swell. Our Dermo Doctor told the leggeds they have a 20 minute window. Yikes. Let's not go there. She told us. Mom must only inject me when she knows can get to our vet in 10 minutes. (form Square doh House to the vets takes well under 5 mins,no worries). And when it's surgery time and the vets are on duty. Afterwards. Mom's got to keep her mincies on me for at least an hour. Lucky her eh? Woohoooo!!! Love that hour!!!! Full on attention. For me. Me. And only Me. Don't care about the injections. Not one little bit. Even wound my wigger wagger up last time that box came out of the fridge. Mmmmmm....treats.

Haaaa!!!! Lookie. Fooled the Wino Kittie into feline sorry for me. Shared one of his bottles.

Don't feel bad for me either. Them poking sticks. Aren't half as bad

as having to wear baby socks. Hey. You!! Yes YOU!!! Stop sniggering. S'not funny. . .


TwoSpecialWires said...

Awwww. Eric. What can we say? It's all fur your own good. And that special devoted attention has to be a big plus. (Wrote BOG plus. Guess we're a bit distracted. And hopeful.) Anyway. I guess we COULD offer some of Winston's socks. He does have a pretty big supply of them. And he still likes you. Despite it all.

Be sure and tell your people "Thank you." That's a pretty amazing undertaking they're undertaking. But you're worth it. Every single poke. Every single pound.

Thinkin' of you fondly.
Jake and Fergi (wondering exactly what's in those little bottles)

Lorenza said...

Sure that is an interesting box!
I hope everything goes well everytime you have to get the injection!
Aaaand.... I love your socks!
I had to wear one of those baby socks too!
Allergies leave alone Eric!
Take care
Kisses and hugs

Sally Ann said...

Wow, Eric your a special doggie. Your Mommy and Daddy love you very much. I think your socks look nice.
Sally Ann

Scruffy, Lacie and Stanley's Place said...

Hmm...are those BATS on your socks? I bet I could find you some purple socks dear boy...

You poor thing...perhaps I should come over and administer your injections? I have a smoothie for'll be sooooooooooo relaxed...

As for that comment on our chat box...

I have control of the wheelie...complete control....

She is working for ME.

I'm just sayin' Eric...


Lacie Cakes

Scruffy, Lacie and Stanley's Place said...

Hey Eric...Scruffy here...

Need me to teach you the ZIG ZAG move to get out of those poke-n-sticks?

You zig when she every time....



Stella said...

Never mind zig-zagging with the poke sticks, just be quiet and let her do it.

I love the socks! What kind of disease is this that you need the socks? I wouldn't mind it at all since my Mom is a knitter and would make me all kinds of goofy socks.

Stay well,


houndstooth said...

I swear I wasn't snickering at your socks!

It sounds like you've got a pretty sweet deal going on there. I'm not sure I'd want to worry about having to get to the vet that fast if something went wrong, but I know how you like to live on the wiry edge!


Khyra And Sometimes Her Mom said...

I vote woo take up The Beastie on the ofFUR to find those sokhks in purple -

WOW - your own spot in the fridge -

Most impressive!


happy said...

Hope you're all better in no time. Wouldn't it be nice to have your very own lunchbox in the fridge instead? You've got some nice socks there.

Bouncing Bertie said...

Uncle Eric
Oh that is too bad that you have allergies. Gail tells me that Hamish used to have lots of problems with scratchy skin too. I do hope all those nasty needle thingies sort it out (in sufficient time to leave a few ££££s in the bank acount - for Eric treats of course).
As for those socks. NO WAY!!
Toodle pip!

George the Lad said...

Hi Eric, sorry to hear you’re all itchy scratchy, hope the poking things works out OK, least you know your going to get a treat, and of course one to one attention. Mom says she used to look after a diabetic cat each time her friend went on holiday, dam silly mom put the poking thing though her finger instead of the cat the once, and says she didn’t feel a thing!!
As for the new foot wear you could be starting a new fashion, just take it easy on them slippy floors!!
See Yea George xxx

Martha and Bailey said...

Oh Eric, we are sorry to hear about your itchies.
Our last basset Harry had an allergy to grass - would you believe!
He was forever licking at his paws despite trying various things from the very expensive vet.
Our Dad reckons the vet sees our mum coming but we are not sure what that means!
We would love to see your mum trying to give you an injection inside the 10 minute window!!!!
After all that serious stuff we are sorry to say we did laugh at your socks.
We fancy even if you wore some plus fours - you know so you would look as though you were heading off to the golf course!
As for your wino kitty - we are wordless.
There is no way our humans would share their wine with a kitty or a doggy come to that!
love and kisses
Martha and Bailey xxx

Molly,Taffy and Monty said...

When we started to read your post we thought ... Wow Eric has his own fridge packed full of yummy stuff.

Then we saw that box with all those nasty things in and we squirmed. Eric you poor chap. Make sure you have a nice bottle of Sauvignon chilling to help you through the trauma.

The socks............... we didn't laugh honest!

Molly, Taffy and Monty

Sam said...

We really like your socks! Tell your Mom not to worry about giving your shots - she will do just fine!


Gus said...

Hmmmm...I find myself in the minority here, because I am jealous of both the socks and the "quality time" you are getting. I will be looking for some argyles in Dad's drawer to send along for you to wear with your plus fours. Oh, ya know...muzzer has a couple of pairs of argyles and they might fit ya better. Buys them in the kiddie department, she does. Just tell me what color you fancy. Lease I can do.


Petey said...

Eric my boy, I'm concerned that you've become a drug addict. After six months, will we need to send your not-itchy,-but-now-twitchy self to rehab with Lindsay Lohan? Ha! And those socks! (hahahahaha- sorry. Couldn't help myself.) Tell Square Mom to be careful - a neighbor of ours missed her cat entirely and stuck herself in the thumb.

I am having the bestest time with that new toy you sent me! It may even have replaced TENNIS BALLS as my favorite thing to play with. And it squeaks ever so loudly. Kinda like a fart. Especially good when Mom's watching the squawk box or on the phone. Hee!

Feel better sooner pal, all the more reason for you to move to NEW YORK!

Your bestie,


Mango said...

Sheesh, Eric, what is up with you? Next thing you will be wearing sandals with those socks and looking like a total dork head. I know you don't mind the sticks, but your mom must age about 20 years every time she does it and has to wait and see if your square head explodes. Hope this madness ends soon.


tula said...

oops sorry e! how many pairs of those things do woo have?! yikes. i don't visit fur a supah looong time & lookies what happens. woo's definitely going to need more than two wino kittie bottles.


Anonymous said...

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The Rocky Creek Scotties said...

We hope the pokey sticks take care of all your problems.

And we have to admit, we were snickering at the socks.

Lilly, Piper, Carrleigh and Ruairi

Noah the Airedale said...

Crikey Eric, make sure your mama keeps her peeps on you after the injections. That sounds scary matie.

ps we're not laughing about those socks either...

Dewey Dewster said...

Geez sorry ta hear ya have ta get shots fer allergies......yikes....furry fatal they could be, eh? Hope yer Mom keeps 'er peepers on ya ta make sure yer OK.......Oh yeah....I won't snicker at the fact yer fridge looks like it's plum empty but I've been rollin' on the floor at the thought of ya appearin' ta resemble Mary Poppins......she was a resident of yer country I believe.....sheesh....the socks are hysterical....go Eric....if ya talk nicely ta Otis, maybe he'll share his al-co-hol with ya....might not feel the jab then or remember wearin' the socks either.....hehehehehehehehehe

Dewey Dewster here.....

The Thuglets said...

Eric...we thought yummy food? Nope it was your special box..lots of fingies in it. But hopefully they are gonna help you.

We just love the socks! You are our style guru!

Big Nose Pokes
The Thugletsx

Toffee said...

You tell your mom that I would be MORE than willing to keep my mincies on you post injection. Plus! If you have a bad reaction I would treat you with my special medicine of chihueagle kissies and cuddles...tee hee...


Agatha and Archie said...

HOW DID WE MISS THIS?????Geesh well I know who to blame....Listen for once PL2 fainted..... for your legged one. the thought of rushing to the Vets... gulp... and we know what her job is too.Bit squeamish for her profession eh?. See what we have to live with?? When will you know it works?? Listen because we feel so bad for you? Archie has decided to get allergies too.. He is sooo itchy he said he wishes he could take off his skin.... but he won't wear bat socks.... Love A+A

Anonymous said...

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Notes by Nina said...

OH Eric?! Could this e a blessing in a box?? I think so...

I know that things in life might not be fun to go through and endure, but if it makes you BETTER it is all worth it!

Please tell Otis, that he may need to ship that special bottle over the big pee, for the you know who, for when I not here. :)

Lots of love,

Dylan the Dog said...

Ah don't worry about the little socksters - my staff made me aware underpants once. I mean really... the humiliation!
She even put a photie on that darn webernet! Oh go on then, you can go have a look if it will make you feel better.

Take good care furry friend.

Asta said...

Befowe I had wead youw post , I saw the pictoowes and thought , sheeesh I wish I had stylish sockses like that..honestly..I ass oomed they wewe the latest fashion ovew the pond(and evewyone knows that's whewe tweands stawt/)
I'm so sowwy that you have to get jib jabs fow that
Al Uwgie
Mommi has noticed me itching loads lately too and my eaw has to get goop in it cause it's all ouchy..sheeesh
I do hope you feel bettew vewy vewy soon, and can take things out of the fwidge that awe a bit mowe tasty(like Cheeeese!)

I'm vewy sad about Mica, but mommi and I haven't been at auntie Jane's fow longew than i can wemembew..mommi did go fow a few minutes in july wif evewyone, but not since..auntie Jane must be busy and sad wight now.
Mica is a sweet, bootiful kittie..i hope auntie Jane can be thewe fow him when he has to leave
smoochie kisses

TwoSpecialWires said...

FYI. Winston wants some socks like yours. But he doesn't want anyone to know. Don't say anything. And I didn't tell you.

Charles (Old Soul. Remember me?)

Anonymous said...

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Hey pal
How u doing on those shots? I hope okay. I personally think mom shouldnot have the vino prior to poking u and dude the halloween socks are rockin

Bruce said...

Are you sure you're not wearing high heels under those socks on the last shot Eric? Come on, you can tell us! I really don't think those are allergy shots you're taking...maybe hormones? Better watch to see if you start growing boobies! Ha!
Take care buddy!
your cat pal,

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