Sunday, 7 March 2010


The leggeds been argie barging everybloggie. from the moment I arrived in Square Dog House. Like a never ending game of Ping-Pong."He should be sleeping in our room" "No. Never. He'll be sleeping downstairs" "He won't" "He will" Pinging. Ponging. To and fro. Till last week. When I was Sick. Bad. Poorly. And Miss Enid had the cheek to high tail it off with my blog. For her silly Scruffs Wheelie Dog Show. Did you see? Hey you wwheelie. Remember. Got my pies peeled. You'll pay. But back to important stuff. ME. Boy was I poorly? Yes. I was. Wouldn't walk. Plonked myself down fair and square on the pavement. Refused to budge. Back home. Refused food. Even tempting treats. (Yummm. Got a gluttony of goodies waiting. Three whole days worth for when I wouldn't eat.) Mom said I was a big worry. Cos for a dog. I'm a bit of a Piggy. With the appetite of a Horse. Had a hurried trip to the vet' after refusing food twice. She diagnosed a VIP Virus. Of the nasty "Not been Sleeping in the Big Bedroom " variety. WOOHOOO!!!! RESULT!!!! Made me and Mom's day, week and year.


"Outta my face kittie bro. I've got me a one way ticket to sleeping in the big bedroom. No returning downstairs. Ever."

"Kittie kisses nightnight. Before you scram. Haaaa!!! Got Bed envy eh bro? Me all tuckered up warm and cosy in my Eric bed next to the leggeds.... while you're out there....somewhere with no bed to call your ownio...."

"C'mon. Mew it. Where do you rest your noggin' at night? Not once put my peepers on you in the snoozing hours......"

"Same place as always looser!!!! Been sleeping here. IN the Big Bedroom BED. Down Under Brother!!!! By the leggeds leggeds since the day I arrived. . ."

"NOooooooooo!!!! Got me a double dose of the "Kitty Envy " virus coming on . .


Martha said...

Oh Eric, we are so sorry to hear you were not feeling well!
We are glad you are back in your rightful place in the big bedroom.
Our leggededs often have the same debate.
Martha swung it for us cos she was so scared.
They couldn't resist and couldn't leave me downstairs.
There is no way we are not sleeping there now!
We feel a bit sorry for your kitty cat brother Eric.
We think you should let him snuggle up in the big bedroom too.
He will feel left out!
Be nice Eric............
love and kisses
Martha & Bailey xxx

Dexter said...

Well, Eric, I certainly hope now that you have gotten what you wanted that you are over this not eating thing. Seriously, chap like you needs his nourishment.


Gus said... should have asked me. Spent every night since the first one with the hoomans in whatever size bed they were sharin'.

Argument happened before I joined up...Muzzer says "in our bed." Dad says "no, not again, never!"

Solved that. Walked into the temporary digs in VA, hopped on the bed, refused to get down, never growled, just acted confident. Waaah Laah.

Teka signed on when she came to stay, and Travis (GD mix) slept with us for his six month tenure. Now Dad knows he is doomed to share, and accepts it cheerfully. You must have the upper hand and keep it!

By the by, when you get a chance, will you work up a referral to your vet. Sounds like my kind of Dogtor.


Jake of Florida said...

Hey Fellow Square Dog -- You feeling poorly? That is very very disturbing to us. It hurts us to picture you not up to your usual wirey full of get-up-and-go self!!

As for the bedroom thing -- our folks never stood a chance. As soon as I decrated myself, it was bedroom or nothing. And then when JH arrived on the scene and he was told to spend the first night downstairs in his crate -- it was bark/whimper/moan city. So he too was bedroom bound.

We each have our own beds though: two beds, a mat, plus the bedroom rug -- and I, with my love of chairs, have taken over the white wicker rocking chair with the comfy pillows by mom's side of the big bed.

So there are ways and there are ways.

Be well. Enjoy those bedroom snoozes. And do a mitzvah for your cat bro!!

Wirey love,


houndstooth said...

I'm sorry to hear that you were sick, but I'm glad you finally got to sleep in the bedroom where you obviously belong!


Molly the Airedale said...

OMG, we love your bed, Eric! It has little WFT's all over it! Now that is stylin'!
Get your pies peeled? How about a tasty apple pie, Judge Eric! We hear apples are wonderful for your health! Autumn and Francesca told us to say that!

Love ya lots
Maggie and Mitch

Lorenza said...

Hi, Eric!
Sorry you were not feeling well!
I hope you are now doing much better!
Hmmm... well... you were not in the big bed but sure is nice you are able to be there in the bedroom with the leggeds!
I hope you don't get that Kitty Envy Virus!
Take care
Kisses and hugs

Scruffy, Lacie and Stanley's Place said...

Oh you need my nurse services???

Oh my...not eatin'...Lacie runs to find a dead chicken for soup...finds a live chicken...plays poker...might be a better solution??

I'm on my way...and yes, I'll sleep in the big bed with ya...I sleep in a crate beside Scruffy usually in the bedroomie...stoopid Stan gets the bed...Scruffy and I both peed on the mattress the first and last time we slept on the big bed...yeppers...ended that...

Kisses, dear Eric...

And come see our Wheelie post...will be finishin' our pix tomorrow...


McGillicutty said...

Oh, Eric, me lad!!! I'm sorry that you have been under the weather (and under the big bedroom). I've never heard of the VIP virus, but I'm not surprised that it picked you, a VERY IMPAWTANT PAWSON)!

Yes, Miss Enid has taken over, I'm afraid, and has come up with Scruffs. Stupid, me thinks, because I cannot enter being I have no wheelie, you see. But, me moms is working on that.

YOU refused food??? A terrier??????Sheeeeesch! You MUST have been sick! I've been sickly lately too, but EVEN I didn't refuse food---sheeeesch!

Glad you are feeling well enough to blog again AND sleep in the big bedroom again, me pal. Want some advice from Dr. McG??? For your immune system, drink 3 Guinnesses a night.

Irish Love,

Oskar said...

Maybe if you don't get too perky you can move in on the kitties territory!

Sally Ann and Andy said...

Oh no Eric,
I sure hope you are feeling better. You must eat. Food is very important. Enjoy the big bed. I sleep on the big bed with Mommy every night, and I cry if I can't be with her.
Sally Ann

Unknown said...

You my pal are the most scandelous, kniving bad boy I've ever seen. Wow... how'd you hold up with that hunger strike.. I mean the pay out huge but geez.. even endured a vet visit. I think with your guerilla warfare tactics you could take over the world and make it square

Noah the Airedale said...

Eric mate, are you feeling better now? We do worry when one of our maties is unwell.
D says she's been enjoying watching Masterchef the professionals. I guess it's old hat in the UK but we're just getting it here on the Food Channel.

Noah xx

Linda said...

Oh Eric,
We sure hope your tummy is feeling better now. Glad you're sleeping back in the big bedroom. I've slept on the big bed ever since Mama rescued me. And ahhhhh, so do all 4 kitties! Yep, we all curl up on Mama on her side of the bed. We pretty much crush her, tee hee. (we love your little foxy bed)
Our wheelies have been posin' for Mama & that clickie machine. They'll be entering soon. I now Bentley is dyin' to see Miss Enid.
Wirey Hugs, Purrz & Licks,
Butchy, Ruby, Sylvester, Scuby & Hootie

Marvin said...

dear Eric, sorry to hear you been uncle dick. Hope you are feeling much better now!

er, may be sleeping with a C.A.T..........not sure I could cope with that one, hope you gave it what for, with your paw.

(oh I feel a poem coming over me.....;0D)

Just hoping you are back to your old self, and also kinda concerned about the horse.

I mean, exactly how did you steal his appetite?

love n licks, Marv xxxxxxx

Asta said...

Dawling Ewic
I'm beside myself wif wowwy..not eating?????? Thank dog yoo have such a wise vet and he could die a gnose the pwoblem..of couwse you should be in the upstaiws beddwom( I wemembew telling youw leggeds that ages ago)I do think you have the most bootful luxoowious bed and don't have to be kicked by leggeds tossing and tuwning in the big bed..the pawfect sitooation as faw as I can tell. as fow Otis, well, he loves you so much, I'm suwe he'll let you in on the secwet on how to get up to the big bed if you want
smoochie kisses and pleeez don't scawe us like that again..get that howsie appetite back

NAK and The Residents of The Khottage said...

Mom would prefer I sleep with her - and I do fur about 23 sekhonds -

Then I fluffytail it to the floor -

I'm silly like that!

Khyra& Khousin Merdie who is khomfy anywhere!

TwoSpecialWires said...

Well. Eric. We are super glad you are eating again. And not balking in the street. So unlike you. We're wondering. Did this have anything to do with your recent recycling program? We know you were working on composting and recycling bins and such. Nowadays you MUST be careful about what you eat on your walkies (sounds like Moma talking ... hounding Fergi Scroungemouth full time). Have you heard the horrid things happening in Washington State with tainted meatballs? Moma woulda been worried, sick, just like your SquareMoma must've been.

BUT the good news. You gained access to the bedroom. It's about time! (Now. We'll admit. We always thought we are sharing OUR bed with Moma. Don't tell her otherwise. We think she thinks that's how it oughta be.)

We've been hustling about like crazy. Seems the wheelies are disappointed in the weather ... were wanting some special kind of photoshoot for some reason ... and it didn't happen. Instead. We got groomed. Plucked naked. Brrr. Thank dogness for Mama Lamb's jammies. In bed. Under the covers. Just like Otis.

Sending our love. To everyone. EVERYONE!

Stay well. Inch your way to the bed. We have confidence it can happen.

Love ya to bits,
Jake and Fergi and all the wheeled (and wheeless) ones xxxxxxxooooooooo

Bobby said...

Hi Eric I do hope you are feeling better. Fancy the Kitty sleeping not just with the leggerds but next to the leggerds legerds, they probably use kitty as a hot water bottle so do not worry. Its good to know you got there in the end. I sleep in the bedroom on a big duvet folded into 4 and I just sink in I love it. I even go up in the day time after a walk, the last few days the sun was coming in and I lay there it was really good. In fact I have only come down to go out then straight back to bed.
I hope you are managing to eat okay now.

ScrapsofMe said...

So yer kitty bro been dissin' you every nite? Curlin up with the leggeds and pretending to be somewhere else in the hood? Never trust a cat...they'll turn you into the peeps in a NY minit. "Nooo....wasn't ME that knocked off the lamp...was that stoopid dum dog" they wind back n forth tween their leggies trying to distract em from the truth! Time to terrier up man and remind the kitty-bro who's the top dogg in the house!


peesess...glad yer appy tite is better. Nuthin so sad as a terrier that won't eat.

Chef said...

Sure hope you're feeling better, Eric. Well, it's a relief to know you're back in the MBR where you belong. I love your bed. It looks very comfy and I'm going to look into getting one like that because I'm getting a little tired of being kicked and punched in the bigbed in the middle of the night. How come they can't sleep in one spot like me?? All that thrashing around is going to cause me serious injury, I'm afraid. As far as I'm concerned beside the bed in a much safer place.


Agatha and Archie said...

Darling boy,We have been INTERNETLESS for three days....HORRIBLE it should have seen the two of them.....Geesh...tearing their hair out.......but on to you..ARE YOU KIDDING ME???? NOT EATING??? YOU???? We are sick over this and hope it has passed... this Vet sounds sounds FABULOUS!! but can you make him say that you need to go ON THE BED?? We are now in the big bedroom a matter of speaking..We have a bed on each side.. and sometimes we both stay and sometimes one of us is a little how shall we say..NAUGHTY so then only one of us gets to stay and the other goes in the kitchen( which really is a better deal...Archie snores a lot)....PL2 says she is now going to send on her wheelie pics to you....Love A+A

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Baby Rocket Dog and Hootie said...

Sheesh Eric,have we been away this long that we missed such important happenings? Congrats on sleeping upstairs! When Daddy goes to work both of us join Mommy in their bed.For some silly reason she thinks she needs to wash the spread every week since we've started this practice.It's actually more comfy for me(BRD) on the couch---more room!
XXX_BRD & Hootie