Saturday, 19 December 2009


Hey everybloggie. Has your Mom. Yawn. Been shopping forever like mine? Yep. Mom returned from yet another shopping trip with startling news. For me. Bout Wheeless Winston. Our Pesky Foster. Who stayed with us during the summer. Here's me saying goodbye. Aw. Aren't I a sweetiepie giving him my special Eric kissies?

Well. Off Winston went. To his new family in A Merry Car. Jake and Fergie. Then nooo. Mom Square and theirs only went and did an EBay Wheelie exchange.Boy was I MAD. Export one Pesky Wheelie. Only. To have another take it's place. Darn it. Best part was Sweet Pea (arrg yuck ) bought with her all these super stuffies specially for me.

Scrumptious these stars. Stripes are tasty too. And isn't my special home tailored stars and stripes blanket well wicked? Thanks a squillion square pals.

But back to Mom's shopping frenzy. In her favourite store. Liberty's. Told me she was on her way to look at these . . .

when out the corner of her pies. She spotted something. SHOCKING. She'd only
sniffed out where Winston's wheelies wobbled off and went. Bloggies. Cast your mincies. Over this!!! Specially his lower regions....

Haaaaaah harrrr!!!!!! What a HOOT. They used his wheelies...ooohhhh to make a lamp!!! He's called Sampson. Tooooo funny!!!!! No kiddin'. Check it out. You can buy him here. Crickey. Hope Winston doesn't want 'em wheelies back. Sampson sells for squillions. £705.00 that's $1169.77 smackers!!!!! Noooo. NOT a typo error. Remember Bloggies. Do as I do. Keep 'em peeled. You never know where they might wheel up. Anyways. Toodleloo. Gotta run. See a Man about a Dog. Yoohooo Meeeeeess Enid where are yoooooooou???? Kiss your wheels bye-bye. Soon be Missing 'em. Wooooohooo. Eric's in the money!!!


Bruce said...

That's CRAZY Eric! Who would ever pay so much for that contraption? By the way, how are your allergies? Hope you're doing better!
your other cat pal,

Gus said...

Nope, not buying that one. Even though it is the first wheelie we have seen that might be safe here. Me and Teka prolly couldn't eat that one!


Asta said...


Youw post put Mywna and Womy in a fwight..I had to calm them down and tell them they awe safe fwom the wheel could they. I'm glad that Winston is safe and in A Mewwy Caw and away fowm those evil snatchews.
Mommi has done NO shopping whatsoevew, and even cancelled Chwissmuss dinnew.Daddi says she needs to be in a sane e tewioum(cwacked hew bwains I think)

love you
smoochie kisses

Agatha and Archie said...

Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm very very interesting..We are trying to figure out exactly what this means....Cyril has placed a blanket over his wheels and we were wondering why but now it is a little clearer. Archie was thinking of going into PL2's bag and getting her charge card cuz he thought she would never notice one more thing on the bill but I stopped him...Will get back to you if we can figure out more.....Right now we are concentrating on this GIGUNDA SNOW STORM that is coming and you know what that means...Love and a billion squillion A+A

Khyra The Siberian Husky And Sometimes Her Mom said...

I wonder how it would handle my snow snow snow!?!


Mack and Sally Ann said...

Oh Eric,
Your little wheelies do love you. I promise they are not going to take over the world. Taking there wheels away might only make them upset at you. You probably should apologize to Miss Enid, as you live in the same house. She does care greatly for you, and you must be nice to her.
Sally Ann

TwoSpecialWires said...

Just to clear the record. Nobody snatched my wheels. I donated them when they no longer served me well. It was an easy, humanitarian thing to do. Contraptions like Sampson needed them more than I. Besides, now I have whole new means of transport. You'll see.

Respectfully (and still wisely)
Your Wheeless Winston

Lorenza said...

Hi, Eric!
Those are very nice toys! Are they still in one piece??
That lamp is pawesome... but very expensive! I am thinking all the treats I could buy with 705 of your moneys!
Kisses and hugs

Bobby said...

Wow what a price we dogs could start making them with all the wheelies in the charity shops.
Are you cold Eric it is freezing here in the north east. I think you are getting snow as well. Ours is like crunchy ice now.

Sally said...

Wow - who knew there was money in them wheelies? We do not have any wheelies - so we need to go round some up!

D went to Libertys too! Maybe the humans crossed paths?

Lots of licks
Sally and Paddy

Mango said...

That is one weird mutant wheelie for sure. Sort of like a futuristic robot. I hope he doesn't find his way to your estate.



You'll be a cash cow turning wheelies into lamps. Yep.. good thing your minced pies are always peeled. Wait your making me hungry. Your leggeds had a grand time in NYC. Too bad you can't go in 3D eric.


Toffee said...

If that were YOU on wheels (say, like a skateboard) I would pay a squillion squillions and ALL of my dog toys to get you!

tee hee.

Joe Stains said...

This wheely contraption looks like some kind of medieval tool to be used when the wheelies finally attempt to take over!

Martha and Bailey said...

Hi Eric, we are constantly amazed by the things hoomans find to buy!
We struggle with the whole concept of wheelies - this requires a lot of imagination on our part!
That strange looking thing though is taking wheelies to a whole new, even weirder, dimension!
Now thank you for ensuring the mince pies are out and the chimney swept.
A little cream on the side would be appreciated but no brandy butter - we are not so keen on that.
We are keeping our paws crossed that Santa does not drive like you Eric!
Merry Xmas.
Martha & Bailey xxxxx

Cassie said...

That Sampson lamp thing is hugely expensive. How many did you order??!! haha. Those decorations for sale are nice. Mommy likes all the Czech, Polish and German glass ornaments. She gets at least one a year and since she is 100 years old she has lots.Ahahahaha. Okay, down to business. We need your mailing address to send out your prizes. Email us at You won't get 'em in time for Christmas, but maybe Russian Christmas?
BabyRD and Hootie

Dewey Dewster said...

Eric...Gram was ahocked ta see the price on that wheelie wobblin' lamp...fer crikey sakes...we didn't know the conversion rate of yer pounds but we knew that was a ton of money fer a silly lamp....seems out of place in the catalog displayed on the site...wonder how many they sell.....guess they didn't hear there's a recession goin' on....

Yep...the wheelies better be on their guard....might be wheel-nappers on the prowl...that's one way ta get rid of 'em....they were gettin' too cheeky anyway.....

Merry Christmas ta all our friends across the pond in The Square House !!!!

Dewey Dewster here...
Asta Marie, Toby, Gram 'n Pap too

tula said...

hey e,
that's alotta smackers for a wheelie contraption... pajeepers, wheelies look out! eric won't be just giving you special kisses!

shopping days are numbered:)


happy said...

Wow, that's quite pricey. Think I can get loads of treats with that.

Penny, Poppy & Patches said...

Wow! That Sampson sure is 'spensive! And he's not even cute!

Merry Christmas!

Poppy, Penny & Patches

Hamish Westie said...

Oh Eric, please do me a favour and don't go on too much about your Mom shopping in Liberty's and all that. I can tell be the look on Gail's face that she's thinking about some of the things she misses from the time she lived in London (that was pre-me) and wondering about going back.
But really, £705.00 for that lamp thingy! I don't think they'd sell many in Aberdeen. (Did you know that Scots make jokes about Aberdonians being tight-fisted?)
Cheers, H.

Petey said...

Eric, I am relieved to hear that Square Mum finally got around to shopping as she spent the day with my Mom in New York and didn't spend a ha'penny! Even with the exchange rate meaning that a pound was worth about $2568.00! Mom was quite concerned that someone had made off with her Twinnie and substituted a non-shopper! The nerve!

Glad she's back to normal now. That wheeley lamp looks like a Wheeley Trogan Horse!

Your pal,


Morgan in Pittsburgh said...

mom says that wheelie lamp is pretty cool, but way too much money, somebody will probably buy it though. Your new toys are really pawsome. Whats santa gonna bring you? I hope me finds me. we are going to cousin Rockys place. We still be in that contest at Johanns. if you want to vote for us that would be cool. And for my hun bun Ludo too.
your pal, Morgan

Life With Dogs said...

Our shopping is far from done. Can you say last minute? Yikes!

Autumn the maltese said...

Stop by to wish u a Merry Christmas and a wonderful holiday =D
May the Christmas bring you lots of happiness and health.

Autumn & Mom