Monday, 7 September 2009


Hey Everybloggie. How you diddling? I got me a scrumptious tag from Rosie and Bruce. Going to pass it on to my new pals Mack and Sally Anne who gave me that cute new award in my sidebar. And to new bloggie Duffy Asta's little bro'.

Spill the beans on what I ate. But shouldn't of. Haaa!! My most flavourite pastime. Could write a book on it. Better give you just a soup son of a chapter here. Might pick up some tips. Snag free food too.Off lead is better if you can. Course different places are good for different things. For instance.
  • Countersurfing. Spring from 0-60mph in sixty seconds. See. Here's an example. Me nabbing my suprise present from Rosie this week. A ginormous wodge of Rosie and Petey's liver and honey wedding cake! Wasn't that supper? I mean super!!! Thanks a squarie squillion to the bestest Groom and Bride.

    My surf supremo was a Chilli-con Carne. Thawing in a Tupperware box. 4 portion size!!!Crunched down all of it. A couple of hours before my junior puppy training class. Alas. Got me the salt water treatment. Even tried to eat it again. Haaaa!!! But no. Still. Everydoggie was grateful for my own little aroma therapy's during the class.
  • Get you own indoor Take Away. A kittie sibling. Mmmmmm. Krunchy kittie logs straight from the litter tray and steaming hot pussycat puke. Lip smacking lovely. Had plenty.

  • Excellent for fisherman's lunches. Not the squirming bait. Scored a doorstep corned beef sandwich once. Though my aim is to better my pal Florence. Who nabbed a whole Pork Pie. That's no lie either.
  • Shameful. But. I waded in the water once to eat the bread a granny and little grand leggeds were throwing to the ducks. Haaa!! I hate water too!!! Strange. Haven't been walking Thameside during fishing season this summer.

    My Royal parks
  • Deer. Rabbit. Horse. Poop a plenty. Free. Take my bark for it. Truly. Scrumptious. Shame I'm off it lately. Not touched any since the sky light up with a huge flash n boom as I was nibblin' on them bunny kibbles.Think it was Dog's way to tell me to lay off it?
  • Picnics. Ingested many a tasty morsel left by picnic peeps for me. What? I'm not telling.
  • Couple of weeks ago a legged was feeding bread to them brown uglee ducklings with the fierce white Momma's. I zoomed over and gobbled down the bread. Brave eh? Mom said" No Eric -foolish" Huh. Spoil sport. Dotty legged feeding 'em was mad with me too.

    Little Local Parks
  • Chock full of bounty. Them little leggeds hide half of their lunches in the boundary hedge for me. Had many a sandwich. Biscuits. Veggie sticks.Got the picture?
  • Dig up fresh kitty krackers here too. Compliments of Chef Cat across the park.
  • And plenty of bones. One time I was digging up dem bones every visit. Some EEEENORMOUS. Had to DRAG 'em over to show the leggeds. Daddy Square laughed till I dragged over one exactly like a leggeds arm...............Sigh. haven't been to this park for yonkers either.

  • Pavements
    Perfected my Eric Grab n Go* method. Patent pending. Lingering encourages the "drop it" yell. Darn it. I do sometimes too. Had many a lick of a Pavement Pizza left by some wobbly youff from the night before. Chips outside the Cish and Fhip shop. Delicacies outside the delis. Bread outside the Bakers. Get my drift? My list is endless. Take my tip. Saturday and Sunday early morning walks bring the best rewards.
    • Last weekend at cousin Ruby's. Payback time for the leggeds!!! For not taking me to Parizz. Gotta bark. Excelled. Even myself!!! Saturday. Snacked on krunchy kittie logs. Followed in the afternoon by a couple of paper cupcake cases. Then a quick counter surf snack after dinner from Ruby's dog food container on the kitchen counter. Sunday. Ahhhh. Scoff on the paw. Grabbed a half eaten one of these....

      Drooling delish Doner Kebab from the pavement on my my morning walk. Resisted the" drop it" yell. Along with the forcible opening of my cakehole. Ate it all up. Yum Yum Yum. Wouldn't you? Same day. On my afternoon walkies I joined a family picnic. Uninvited. What the heck. Clocked up 0-160mph running from one field to once I got a wiff of this cookie in my snooter.

      Know what? The Wise Man who said " A Gingerbread Man is for life. Not just for Christmas" . Was right. Oooohhhh Haaaaa!!!! Mommy Square was puce when she finally caught up with me. In time to see me polishing of the last crumbs of gingerbread boy's tootsies on their picnic rug. Must of been all that running yeah making her all red? Nothing to do with the lille boy a-wailing "waaaaaa that naughty doggie ate my special gingerbread man" as she dragged me off. Mom told me I have to put a photo here to show you I can be obedient. Huh yeah. When I know it's finders keepers I can do table manners.

      See? Me doing my two paw trick. Waiting patiently for the OK to gobble down Petey and Rosie's Wedding cake. But bloggies. What a payback eh? Totally worth it. To finish. I pooped all over during the the middle of that night. Shame. Mom cleaned most of it off. Even when I barked politely to her pretty please not too.

      Everybloggie. Dog. I'm excited. Finally got picture proof for one of Joe Stains coveted awards. Haven't I? Trouble is. Feel a bit of a dog now. Leggeds say Eric week is coming up. A whole week for me. Me. Me. In the country. Places to wig my wag. Steal some swag.Seaside strolls. Ice creams n stuffies. Paws crossed there is one of them Parizz towers for wireless connection. Then I can visit you too.


      Gus said...

      Eric! We are so awed by your prowess with eating on the run. It makes us bow our heads in shame at the little we have done. You've given us a worthy goal, we hear the starting gun! We'll never reach your lofty height, we're done and you have won.


      Mango said...

      Nice stain. Very subtle and artistic.

      What's with the foodables on the paws? The Mango would never allow such nonsense.


      Samantha said...

      Eric! It's been waaaaay to long since I've visited and I'm very sorry - You are too funny a writer about your extraordinary deeds associated with this tag. (Commenters told me I took the cake so to speak, and I'm rather proud of all the things edible and non that I snarf) - but you may have even outdone moi! You certainly barked about it most artfully and your stain is most worthy!
      xo Sammie

      Marvin -The Hollow Hound said...

      oh wow! You are even worse than me Eric!

      My favourite is sheep poop, wonderful stuff! Especially when you get it between your teeth.....most handsome looking!

      I have made many stains with my eating habits, the best one being a whole chicken, which kinda went down whole, and returned in the same condition.

      We should collaborate and write a book about our exploits!

      lotsaluv, Marvin The Felon xxxx

      Joe Stains said...

      I am so so jealous of your counter surfing abilities. I wonder if there is a class I can take, or just convince the humans to lower the counters?? Anyway, you have CERTAINLY earned the stain award my friend.

      Martha Basset said...

      Hi Eric
      We can't reach the counters!!! We are very jealous of your agility!
      We are right there with you with the kebab on the street - Martha can find any left over takeaway food and completely refuses to drop anything!
      That liver wedding cake sounded delicious but of course you should have slept with it under your pillow before you ate it.
      That way you would dream of who you will marry!
      Sometimes Eric we worry about you!
      We hope you have a terrific Eric week and look forward to hearing all about it.
      Martha & Bailey xxxx

      Bruce said...

      Well, after reading this post, I think that the "oops I ate it" award must have been made especially for you Eric. You seem to know ALL the tricks! Thanks for sharing them with us and have a good week!
      your cat pal,

      Bobby said...

      What a great thing to jump so high I admire you I can not jump like that.

      Khyra The Siberian Husky And Sometimes Her Mom said...


      I'm furry furry impressed!



      Stanislaw said...

      I am in awe of your masterful feast-nabbing. A kebab AND a tray of chili? You had me at "carne"...

      Do you hold classes? Give seminars? Let me know if you're speaking of these stealthy skills on my side of the pond. I'd pay to learn a few new tricks.

      TwoSpecialWires said...

      You've just made us hungry. We think we aren't going about this food stuff the right way. The best we've ever done is the ONE time Jake ate an end of a corncob straight out of our Girl's hand (and threw it up several days later). You can teach us a lot, Square Dog.

      Jake and Fergi xxoo (waiting, waiting...heeeheeeheee!)

      Hamish Westie said...

      Good job I'm not a drooling sort of a dog, seeing all those pictures.
      By the way Eric, have you heard that human saying about there's no such thing as a free lunch? They do talk nonsense don't they?
      Cheers, H.

      chicamom85 said...

      I bow to you Eric, you are the master of foodables! I am going to have Mommy print this as a guide for me, I have much to learn from you. The carpet stain is masterful, much better then anything I could produce. You should consider teaching or at least write a book.

      licks and sniffs, Sasha

      Baby Rocket Dog and Hootie said...

      Your counter surfing is to be commended. Good work fellow terrier! There is NO WAY that either of us would ever let the hoomans put yummy food on our paws like that & expect us to not eat it. Neeevvverrr. You have unbelievable character!
      Smooches from pooches,
      BabyRD & Hootie

      Lorenza said...

      Hi, Eric!
      This award sure is well deserved!
      You are a Master!
      Thanks for the tips. I think I can put in practise some of them!
      Kisses and hugs

      PS You deserve too the Stain Award!

      Mack and Sally Ann said...

      Thank you so much for the king award.
      That is so kind of you.
      Sally Ann

      happy said...

      Oh wow, I'm impressed! I've got a lot to learn from you, Eric.

      You're really very patient with the foodie on the footie eh? Any food that lands on my paws are gone in a second.

      Morgan in Pittsburgh said...

      very impressive.. nice stain too. I agree, the kitty potty box cafe is fine dining. It must be a chain though, many dogs in all parts of the world seem to frequent it. Maybe mom will let me get a franchise? Can't wait for Eric week!
      your pal, Morgan

      Maggie and Mitch said...

      Wow! You are a master at snagging stuff and good stuff at that! We bow to you,Sir Eric!

      Love ya lots,
      Maggie and Mitch

      Agatha and Archie said...

      Can you see us?? We are both bowing, our heads in shame....all this time we thought WE were the best...BUT NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO..hands down YOU ARE THE KING THE SUPREME ONE.....we bow to you (and have gotten mnay fabulous tips...) Really you rock, you are the man, you are THE one.Really we can't belive it.....this is just extraordinary....And we thought the time that I was on tip toe on the dining room room table and Archie was ON the table getting something was good...PAH.....a mere nothing to your antics...Really we have to sit down....Love A+A

      the 4 Bs said...

      Eric! you are our hero! we had to watch that video 3 times to see you taking that loot off of the counter. you have scored some of the greatest foods of all times. wow! we are in awe of you.


      umekotyan said...

      Good evening eric
      It is dirty.
      Of course, it is evidence of joey.
      Polite table manners : from the usual life.
      With a happy table. :D

      from loved ume tyan

      Lucia said...

      Ciao bello Eric!

      Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!! Che lavoro eccellente, il mio amico!!!! What skill and dexterity you have, il piccolo square one! I, Lucia, once snagged a whole ham from the bottom shelf of the refrigerator while la mia ragazza had the door open, but she bolted after me and retrieved it, unharmed, so I don't think that counts as successful food surfing. But YOU, on the other paw, are incredibly accomplished! Molto, molto playbows to you, no question about it!

      Tanti baci!

      PeeEss: I had to nosepoke la mia ragazza about eleventy jillion times to get her to type this comment for me. That's because she was laughing so hard at your postie that she collapsed to the floor in a hysterical fit of giggling. Santa vacca .... !

      Dughallmor Beagles said...

      Eric! Squarey! We knew we did the right thing tagging you with this....but you totally outdid even us....we are not worthy!
      Glad you liked the wedding cake....but we hope that's not what caused the awesome stain? (sorry SquareMom!)

      Eric, you ARE awful.....but we like you :D
      Livery slobbers xx

      William Tell said...

      Eric, you truly know the best places to dine!

      My favorite is the back seat floor in the pupmobile. Kids shed debris everywhere they go. Strap them in for a ride, and later you can find the most scrumpterrierishis things under the seats. Fries, hamburger bites, cookie crumbs, even found some pizza rolls once. Paid for it later, but like you said, totally worth it.

      Happy Tails,
      William Tell


      You have mom giggling loud. I'm trying to sleep and she's snorting away like a pig. Great moves and tips. I like the mental stamina to push pass the drop it command. I think I'm coming over. Your neighborhood is filled with goodie foodables. Do people not open their mouths when they eat? And that move with granny... why do ducks get fed? I'd snag it too with a slight wash of pond juice. Yummers... and the best delicacy .. goose de fecal. I have to try one of those kittie logs.

      Petey said...

      Eric! You're going to be the Relentlessly Huge Wire Fox Terrier if you don't start curbing your diet! Of course, i saw this after a walk around the block that yielded a giant spoonful of Dulce de Lece ice cream from the lovely lady on the corner, a piece of focaccio from the Italian restaurant and four cookies from assorted retailers on Bleecker Street.

      Mom tried to make me do your "leave it" trick with the treats on each paw. 1.) they kept falling off my rounded paws and 2.) I'd always eat one. What she gonna do? Toss me out? Don't think so! Instead, I get more treats as she keeps on with her silly "training."

      Your pal,


      Asta said...

      I miss you, I wish you wewe in Afwica wif us
      love and smoochie kisses

      Scruffy, Lacie and Stanley's Place said...

      OMD Eric....Scruffy had the same problem last night...he was bangin' on his crate like forever, but Mumsie thought it was me and IGNORED him...sometimes I like to get up at night for a bit of cookie...well, he barfed in his crate and she finally got up and OMD...what he did to the emergency indoor pee pads...peeeeeeeeuuuuuuuu....then he ran upstairs and finished on the carpet...and Mumsie had shall we say a half a glass over her once glass of wine total last night at a wedding and was not appreciative of Scruffy's nocturnal stench and all the laundry she had to do...oh, Eric, I do hope you feel better. I put that pic of you witht he treats on ur paws on our have such lovely ears...I could fall in love with them if Toffee weren't your girlfriend.

      Barkin' at ya dear Enid packed yet? I so can't wait to do lunch with her...then we're going to Boston Harbor for some tea...I hope we can get a table...

      Love you lots...


      Dewey Dewster said...

      Eric.... I tell ya.....with all the food ya have been scarfin' up....ya must weigh a ton.....fer sure....'n yer must be screamin' fer relief....normal food....a rest.....I won't mention the bowels and what they must be thinkin'......sure hope ya get back on a good eatin' schedule and have a fun time in the country.....'n stay away from goose droppings and bunny pellets....just roll in 'em....don't eat 'em....OK ????

      Dewey Dewster here....

      Molly,Taffy and Monty said...

      Hi Eric

      Well by the time we had read to the end of your post we were starving! All those photos of food left us licking our lips.

      Molly, Taffy and Monty.

      Pee ess. Are you going to the Fox Terrier walk on October?

      tula said...

      E- this is all very good to know. with such undiscriminating tastesbuds, you're not to trusted around anything resembling food or use to be food. u do get fed right?!!:)

      hey where'd my cookie go? er-ic??!!

      toodles, tula

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