Saturday, 28 February 2009


Pal Petey tagged me. New pal Tuffy too. To tell my secrets. And maybe one or two vices. Wagging worrying. Some are way embarrassing. Promise you won't tell anybloggie..

1. Otis kittie bro', who's lots smaller and less than half my weight, can knock me right over and pin me to the ground for a wrestle. He usually wins. OK. OK. I'm being honest. He always wins.

We play together all the time but he can be extremely rude. Disdainfully ignoring my invitations to play.

2.If the leggededs speak to kittie bro' telling him off (boy oh boy, he loves to munch on bags n papers n flowers) I join in. No. No. Not in the munching. The telling off. Run up and growl at him. But I protect him too. Giving my pals a terrier terrifying warning if they get to close to him when they wag round to my place.

3. I love my grub. When I visit my pals in their homes here's my routine;- Fleetingly greet their leggededs, then straight to pals food bowl. Hopefully for a snatched mouthful or two before I head off to where the dog food is kept for bigger bounty. (I know the exact location in all their houses) Skedaddle past the many leggededs trying to catch me. Greet my pal.

4. I'm worried. Think I might be schizophrenic. Totally Wired some days. Chilled the next. Or is it something to do with the terrible terrier two's?

5. Love playing with the dogs pals I made when I was puppy boy. But I can be a bit of a wuss with other dogs.( Especially Lakelands called Lacie. Aren't you ...)

Me with JR

6.I'm a Mummy's boy but I love ALL leggededs.I bark and yelp like a big girls blouse when anylegged knocks at our door. All excited because someone must be visiting ME. ME.ME. I even love the Postman. Not just because of confession no 8.

7. Don't care how much training, bribery, tasty treats and corruption is offered. If I want to jump up and walk about on two legs to say hello and greet any leggeded, I will. I'm a terrier after all. Obstinate. If I want to be. Stubborn. When I choose to be. So there.

8. Thanks to my very generous DWB pals I'm convinced EVERY parcel delivered to our house is for me. I do my best to examine each one using actions 'fessed in no 7.

9. I went to dog training classes like fur ever.Over 1 year!! Had to do the course of baby puppy classes twice. Hehee!! Something about being easily distracted. As if. It's only polite to take an interest in your fellow classmates,their leggededs and their stuffies isn't it? After the puppy classes I was Clickered trained. Ping! That light bulb went on. I got it!!!! Boy, I loved the sound of a Clicker = Food!!! Still do. Though I have my Clicker Word now when I'm training too.

10. To let my leggededs know I need to go outside to pee, I ring a bell tied to our garden door handle. That wasn't taught in my training classes. And there you were thinking thick old Eric doing his baby classes twice.... Yeah. The boy done OK. Sort of. Eventually.

OK. Fess up Norwood . Riley Dewey Sally


BenTheRotti said...

Hey Eric!

Its ok, I love our postwoman and think that anything and everything she brings must be for me an me alone. The post is MINE.. I challenge anyone to argue with me on that one. Once I have carefully inspected it I will allow any boring articles (read as Bills) to be retrieved by anyone willing to take them, anything interesting I keep.. simple as!

I used to do the two legged dance to greet anyone and everyone too. Mum said it wasn't polite to hurl myself at strangers, and to be fair most of them ran off screaming and traumatised (whats that all about??) but now I have figured out that if I sit nicely and say hello I get a biscuit (hey I'm shameless, anything for a biscuit!!)

The beans send you itty bitty gentle kisses and ear and tummy scritches.. they dressed up the doggy on the card you sent and it now has pride of place on their bedroom wall!!

love and tailwags,
Ben xxxx

Mango said...

That cat looks like a big bully. My little brother got held back in school too due to lack of attention and HE is always hopping around on two legs. Maybe he is part WFT?


Petey said...

I guess you could say I'm one of those weird kids who was home-schooled. Nothing official for me. But I know I would have been way too interested in what everyone else was getting for a snack than to pay attention.

As it is, I assume every time the doorman buzzes that someone is coming up, they're coming to see me and I yip, yap and howl until Mommy opens the door. Then I run into the hall, all wig-wagging while Mommy explains that I don't get to go back with the Chinese food or Pizza delivery man or the guy who delivers our groceries.

And if the neighbors' door directly across from ours down the hall is open, I dash in past them and see if that slowpoke Scout has left anything in his bowl, then zoom around collecting unchewed flossies. I can go from a dead sleep to zooming in 1 second when I hear that door open!

That's it for for a wee bit of parasailing!

Your pal,


Gus said...

Hey...we coulda wrote that at our house!!!!

And Teka is "like a WFT on steroids" when it comes to all the things you mentioned. Now muzzeer feels less along


Scruffy, Lacie and Stanley's Place said...

Eric...that little tuft of fur between your ears when you were a puppers...ahh...I knew there was a reason I loved you...(with all due respect, Toffee...just like a sissy....) That expression on ur face when you had that ribbon pinned to ur"you've got to be kiddin' me???" Probably a good thing you're not going the show route...roll ur eyes like that at the judges and they'd so take back the blue ribbon!!!

As for the WFT calm crazed personality...I think it has something to do with winter and not gettin' out so much. Scruffy has more energy than Stan and I put together...he can chase a ball or a frisbee for HOURS...we timed him once...Bruvver got tired after 90 minutes...Scruffy was walkin' then on the retrieve, but he could do it forever...days he doesn't run enuff...he's soooooooo bad!

Barkin' at ya!!


Joe Stains said...

omdog I'd be scared to death if someone put me in the ring with a cat to do some wrestling!! you are very brave. Glad to hear you are maintaining your terrier stubbornness, I tell Mom that is why I don't listen then she tells me I am not really a terrier. WHATEVER!



Honestly- how can u let kittie bro win ALL the time. I guess that's okay... you win when u hear a click. I'll look past the baby classes since u can ring the pottie bell. Maybe it's ADHD and not Schizoprehnic didn't know I am a clinically trained psychologist... hee hee. I wish I could have a shot of you on 2 legged meet and greet. I think that is quite a talent.. show it off.

I guess I will have to confess next. Is this payback for the pink puppy love foo foo comments?


Maggie and Mitch said...

We think every box the mailman brings is for us too, Eric, but we'll never love our mailman - ever! He will always be enemy #2 - #1 is the UPS man!
Great list, BTW!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Lorenza said...

Hi, Eric!
It is not that your bro wins all the time. It is you that are very nice letting him do that!
Congratulations on your award!
I will not tell anybody about your secrets!
Kisses and hugs

Agatha and Archie said...

AHA!!!!!!!!!!!we are not the only schizophrenic ones!(right now we have both fainted and are draped over the floor,this was after zooming around the house)And guess what? Archie spent his entire puppy kindegarten class inthe naughty boy corner and they said he didn't have to take it over because he would probably be there in that class too(I of course was the perfect angel) We pretty much agree with all of your things except...the kitty part..well you know how we are..Love and kisses A+A

Asta said...

I bet you had to take the class twice cause they just wanted to bask in youw squawe wondewfulness..Mommi want to clickew twain me..appeawantly I have been a tewwow at the wun lately..well that what happens when I only get to go once a momf..I fowget to be polite..not my fault.
I think it's pwetty cool that you wetle wif youw catbwo, and let him awe a twue gentledog..I love you vewy much(no wowwies toffee..I know he's youws)
smoochie kisses

Jackson said...

Hey Eric, I took training classes twice too. I think it was just because the teacher wanted more time to admire my handsomeness. I also believe that every parcel must be for me. It usually is, hehehe! I like the idea of ringing a bell to summon my human servants. Do you ever tease them by PRETENDING to want to go outside and then just staring into space? I do that all the time! The Js call it having a "Condor" moment, hehehe. J x

Amber-Mae said...

Oh yeah, every parcel that comes to our gate is always OURS! And we know what our job is each time there's a parcel. It means RIP IT OPEN!!! It's a lot of fun. We have been training for like three donkeys years & we're still going strong! Thanks for sharing some of your honest information with us Eric.

Butt sniffs,
Solid Gold Dancer

the 4 Bs said...

hi Eric, thanks for telling all of that stuff with us. we learned some things about you, and don't worry, your secrets are safe with us!

we don't understand that thing about your cat bro. though. we just don't get the thing with cats at all.


happy said...

Hmm...interesting secrets. Don't worry, my lips are sealed.

Really, he wins every time? You're just too nice...

Toffee said...

Phew! Thanks for sharing that private info! I am just relieved that you didn't kiss 'n tell!

Chef said...

Eric, I really enjoyed reading all that stuff about you. I don't love our postman but I love the food delivery people! Especially the pizza man. He's like my best friend. Only I don't think I'm his best friend because he makes wierd faces when I jump up and try to snatch the pizza box from his hands!Once I got so excited I peed on his shoes.

I let my catsis win all the time too - Beauty can spit in my face and smack me whenever she wants. Am we just being nice or is it the claws?


umekotyan said...

Good evening Eric
Congratulations on Award.
Wonderful time with the friend. :D

from loved ume tyan

Martha Basset said...

Hi Eric
Thanks for visiting our blog. We admire your honesty about yourself!
I see you are a pal of Petey - well Bailey knows him better than Martha although Martha has been writing to him!
We think you are letting your little brother win - he looked like a lovely pussy cat.
Martha back home from the vet now and feeling a little sorry for herself. She'll be fine tomorrow.

Eric and Flynn said...

Hi Eric, we didn't forget to put you on our new blog. You are on the Honoury Kitties list with Auntie Bee and Babs Beetle.
We laughed at Otis beating you but you must have heard the saying that cats rule and dogs drool. Do you drool? My brother Flynn does when he's really happy and purring hard.

Deetz said...

I so much enjoyed your honesty, Eric....Whats a scitzafrinick?
Does that mean you are crazy or something?
I think your great


Hey there Eric!
Hold on.. over here.. I was telling you! Hey pay attention! I wanted to tell you that ! Can u listen for just a minute? My tv fame is short lived. Oprah had her own dogs to interview. She's trying to get Prez Obama's new dog as the next hot interview. I'm out. HEY! Are you listening? Look I have a jar of peanut butter. Now I have your attention!

See u around like a donut! Hee heee just kidding

Marvin said...

Hi Eric! I have found you at last!

wow, I lurved reading your secrets, very interesting and thought provoking especially your skills ringing the bell!

I promise I won't tell anydog about your confessions on here!

lotsaluv, Marvin xxxx

Stanley said...

Hey, ERic!

It's a little scary to admit this, but Stella & I BOTH fit so many of the things you fessed! I was a remedial student in obedience class, then the 2nd time around I was the example dog. Go figure. Stella & I think EVERYTHING that comes into the house is for US, and the packages that show up on our doorstep are almost ALWAYS for us, so why not?

That last photo of you is hil-Aire-eous! I love that little mohawk action you have going there. I believe that, at a young age, you mastered that "you've got to be kidding" terrier look. I give it to my girl all the time.

As they say in all the self help groups, thanks for sharing!

Goober love,

Simba and Jazzi said...

We are back at last! We have missed all our friends so much and can't wait to catch up with everyone.

Simba and Jazzi

Tee said...

Woooo! How can you let your kittie brother win all the time?!

Licks and Wags,

Tuffy of Dog Woods