Friday, 10 October 2008


What a week. Mom's been working like a dog! Ha,ha! Now she knows. Next the pooter throws a sickie. Yet again. More working like Eric for Mom. So apawlogies if I haven't sniffed over plus some blogs are making our pooter crash or taking furever to download. But I'm howling and a-hollerin' cos a new one is on it's way! Wonder if it will have my blog on it? With all the waggingly wonderful awards I've been given lately. I'm humbled. And Honoured. I'm going to set up a "Pick and Mix" of awards in my sidebar, pick which one you want from me to you! Wagging huge thanks to pals Asta, Dewey, Toffee, Happy and Chef. Oh yeah, have you seen Chef's pawsome idea for an Autobiography week? TRULY WICKED!!! Run over to find out how to join in.

Chef and Cooking.. mmmm..dogalicious combo. Set me thinking of way back when, before I was terrier- able two. Reminded me of a terrier recipe both me and the 2 leggededs know.Mom thinks recipes are more interesting if you can see all the stages of cooking. So I've added some photos of a puppy that looks an ditsy bitty bit like me to the recipe. For your amusement. Course it's NOT me. (Much pointing and stomach clutching laughter from Mom. Bowing my head in shame from me.) Here's the recipe. Made for sharing.


1 x 8 week old sweet Wire Fox Terrier puppy (Lakeland or Welsh are a suitable substitute)
1 x set of "ouch-little-blighter" sharp puppy teeth
1 x set of terrier puppy floppy ears
1 x set of untrimmed puppy ear hair
1 x set of terrier adult gnashers
Vast quantities of digital/video camera use
Lashings of Puppy Embarrassment
VERY Generous Smattering of Pointing and Stomach Clutching Laughter
NB: For those of you not of these breeds this recipe ensures the ears do not "fly" or stand up)


  • Let sweet innocent puppy gambol and play while the hair on his ears grows long.

  • At 3-4 months take terrier puppy for a first groom to required breed standard.
  • Leave the ear hair alone,do not cut!

  • At this stage it's highly recommended to remove all mirrors at puppy height to avoid "puppy shock" in case he sees his stupid ears.
  • Massage both ears daily when grooming (puppy's not yours)
  • Socialise puppy as much as possible for maximum mirth value for onlookers.
  • When shocked neighbours ask "Well goodness me, I've never seen the like, WHAT breed of dog is that?" Reply "That's a good 'un,ha,ha,ha,doesn't he look funny? He will be a Fox/Lakeland/Welsh Terrier eventually"
  • Take puppy everywhere, in as many situations as possible, to broaden their humiliation.

  • Ignore the fact that puppy's head is now permanently bowed in shame.
  • Repeat trip to groomers. Ear hair growing nicely. Silky soft. Do not cut.

  • Remember to massage his ooooh ha ha freakishly funny ears daily!

  • Avoid sniggering every time you get a glimpse of puppy's ears.(Hey, I can hear you laughing at me. . .er this doggie)
  • Brush long ear locks daily. Plaiting or tying in bunches is optional.

  • Tell porkie pies! Say to puppy "who's a pretty boy then? " even with his silly girly ears. Doh. Unless it's a girl puppy.

  • At 12 months the ears will be nearly done.
  • Check to make sure all adult pearly white gnashers are in place and firmly bedded in.
  • Only then cut ear hair to breed standard!
  • The ears will be cooked to perfection and nicely set on his head.

    Mom now says she wished she hadn't used that recipe. But she sort of likes how my ears turned out. Phew. That's OK then.


    BenTheRotti said...

    what an awesome recipe.. and the end result was rather spectacular too!

    Have a great weekend buddy.. and the beans want to run over and tackle you to the ground and give you belly rubs and smooooches galore!! You have a little fan club here!!

    love and tailwags,

    Ben xxxxx

    COL. Sam ASTA-fari Joe H. Pinkerton Peabody, Esq said...

    bol. Your recipe made me snort...

    I, too, at times have long hair ear. sorry have been out of touch, pal. Mother has not yet relinquished the computer!

    COL. Sam ASTA-fari Joe H. Pinkerton Peabody, Esq said...

    btw, Eric.. my sisters and I will be glad to attend your pawty

    Stanislaw said...

    I think my folks are using a similar recipe on my head. I thought your ears looked smashing! Either way, you're a handsome pup.

    Dewey Dewster said...

    Gee Eric...

    Ya sure that puppy wasn't ya....sure looks like ya fer a good wind woulda had ya airborne and ya also looked like the "Flying Nun"....probably a program ya never saw in the UK but Sally Field starred in it here in the late all about it at :

    Now we're glad ta hear that yer Mom's recipe worked cause yer ears look super but she also coulda just glued 'em down using "Fabric Mender"....mine probably shoulda been glued a bit longer but we found ya can soften the cartilage with horse linament and weigh 'em down with a salve ta get 'em ta hang right if we could just find a way ta get the tail ta stand up.........

    Dewey Dewster here....

    Petey said...

    Ahhh, that sound you heard from across the pond was my rude Mommy laughing out loud at your fluffy hairdo! I am much more sensitive--especially since my ears are supposed to stand up and for several months, I looked like I was turning right as one ear was up and the other down. Even now, my left ear has a tiny bend at the top -- I think it give me character.

    Speaking of character, where do you find a SWEET Lakeland terrier puppy? All the ones I've met have been more SHARP than sweet!

    Your pal,


    Gus said...

    Oh Eric, your story made muzzer laugh til her eyes started leaking.

    We love the pictures, particularly the one where someone clearly moussed your ear hair and made it spikey!

    Oh my. we think my ears were prolly glued, but we like your way better.


    Asta said...

    Whewe wewe you wif this pawfect wecipe when I needed it..I'm suwe I would be much mowe bootiful if I would have used (and I'm suwe it's you..can't hide fwom me, hehehe)awe pawfection!!!
    we laughed and laughed at the long haiw, but it's cewtainly wowf it..I loved the way it blew in the bweeze.
    smoochie kisses

    Lorenza said...

    Hi, Eric!
    Your post and all YOUR pictures made my day!
    Thanks for sharing the recipe! I think I have to be thankful I have short hair!
    Kisses and hugs

    umekotyan said...

    Hello eric.
    As for the shape of the ear, I feel the nip of fall beautiful.
    A wonderful photograph thinks of the happiness at time.
    It looks for autumn on the weekend. :)

    from loved ume tyan

    aloria said...

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    Mango the Maltese kiddo said...

    Whoa, it seems to take the whole village to shape a pawfect ears!
    I bet your ears love to hear the sweet barks more than sharp barks.
    Please come to my blog to pick up your award, choose your favorite one, it's my pleasure to pass it onto you.

    Chef said...

    Are you sure that isn't you, Eric? Must be you - so cute and fluffy. Your recipe is far more interesting than mine was and your results are spectacular!


    Joe Stains said...

    Hah wow, we didn't have to do anything so complicated (or humiliating) to get our ears the way they are!!

    DESERT PUPS said...

    Woof Eric,

    Oh my dog, Mom almost spit her coffee out when she saw those ears. That is one really funny receipe.

    Desert Pups

    Penny, Poppy & Patches said...

    What a great recipe, Eric! We think your ears (I mean that OTHER dog's ears) looked very cute. Of course, it probably was a bit embarrassing to go out in public. Around here, Penny is the only one with pawfect terrier ears, but we don't care!

    Poppy, Penny & Patches

    the 4 Bs said...

    that's a hilarious recipe. is that your picture at the end, Eric? we love those lopsided ears the best. hee hee. of course, our ears are pawsome too - just ask us!


    Mango said...

    Your mom is messing with you, little dude. Doesn't she realize that going around looking like a dope for the first year can cause permenent character defects? Thank goodness your head turned out square.


    Simba said...

    Stopping by to say hello to all my DWB friends after the weekend. Hope you are all well.

    Simba x

    Toffee said...

    So THAT was the recipe to your irresistable ears!!

    What great pics...lots of smiles!

    happy said...

    That's one great recipe and your ears certainly look fabulous!

    Scruffy, Lacie and Stanley's Place said...

    Crappers, Eric...that actually looks TONS BETTER THAN WHAT I WAS SUBJECTED TO...

    First, she's trim the dang hair from the inside of my ears and my forehead...

    Then she'd smear stinky Tinture of Benzoin on my head to make it sticky...then she'd spread that crap Dewey Dewster mentioned...Tear Mender to the tips and squash them down to my head. Then she'd wrap my head in a gauze turban...once it was purple and TOOK ME FOR A WALK TILL IT ALL DRIED. This low point in my life lasted till I was over a year old. THEN she figured out just to keep my ear hair urs...cept she kept the rest of me longish too...Then Lacie arrived with her ears glued too. Mumsie gave up too soon with her...she woulda looked better with them glued for a decade or so...hahahahahahaaaa!!!

    Stan's were pawfect..not fair.

    Sorry ya suffered Man...


    William Tell said...

    Our friends used duct tape on their Aussies' ears when they're puppies, and it looks mighty funny. I've even heard of gluing quarters to the ear tips. Anyway, your ears look dandy to us.

    Happy Tails,
    William Tell

    Agatha and Archie said...

    WHOA LITTLE DUDE!! You We mean that kid was sooooo cute.....but thank dog this never happened to us..Of course this is why our ears flap in the breeaze but Archie thinks it makes him look like Jack Kennedy( don't even ask..) love A+A