Friday, 4 April 2008


This week finally saw the launch of the long awaited release of Square Dogs first movie "UP CLOSE AND PAWSONAL" starring a talented new British actor,Eric. There's no getting away from it, young Eric's acting skills are pushed to the limits in this short,intense film with it's meaningful message. But somehow Eric pulls it off and wins everyone over with his shy and unselfconscious performance.

His publicist released a short statement from Eric saying he " hoped the film will favourably received by the pawdiences out there" It's common knowledge that Eric was signed up on a million dollar bone deal so we'll be seeing a lot more of Eric's acting abilities in future. Insider sources say the movie will possibly be the British Newcomers entry at this year's "Garbage Cannes Film Festival"

We've managed to get hold of a pirate copy. Here it is, short and sweet. A bit like Eric himself.

Filed by;- Square Dog Publicity London UK Friday April 1st 2008

Remember to turn your sound up to watch this movie or it won't make much sense!


Noah the Airedale said...

That was one of the best films we've seen this year. We give that 10 out of 10.

Hugs and tail wags
Noah Willow Tess & Lucy

Scruffy, Lacie and Stanley's Place said...

Eric....this is Mumsie...Lacie isn't here...she's at Noah's and Babystan and Scruffy (not being the smartest tools in the shed were FAR too embarrassed bout how SMART and ADORABLE you are!!!!!

Lacie is going to melt when she sees this. Archie (one of her current flames!) is gonna have some competition, that's for sure!!!!

Of Course, Aire Ruby will pick you up...she'll have to get Jackson, Molly and Taffy and other UK creatures. Then Faya is in Switzerland, and off to Malaysa to get GirlGirl, Amber Mae and whoever else is comin'. I don't know how she does it, but she'll land right on your street!

Dogtinis and Pawtinis are her signature drink served with loads of snacks. You are in for one good time! And wait till you see the restrooms...trees, fire hydrants etc...anything a dog could want.

So glad you began to blog...You have to share your foxy cuteness with the world!!!


Maggie & Mitch said...

OMG, you are just too darn cute for words, Eric! We watched your movie 4 times! When do we nominate you for an oscar?!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Lorenza said...

Hi, Eric!
We have seen a piece of art! Sure you are good!
Kisses and hugs

Gus said...

Oh, you are so smart! My muzzer is getting ideas about teaching me things again. Please refrain from extreme cuteness. See you at the pawty!


Molly and Taffy said...


We have to commend you on your outstanding performance. It makes a pleasant change the critics have for once written an accurate film review!

Keep up the good work and when you are famous and receive your first Doscar please can we have an invite to the award ceremony??

Molly and Taffy

Penny & Poppy said...

Brilliant performance, Eric! You are just tooooooo cute!...and very obedient! I guess that's how everyone can tell you are NOT an Airedale...that and you coloring is totally different! Keep up the good work!

Poppy & Penny

William Tell said...

I always thought I'd do well in a Bond film myself, Eric! hee hee

Congratulations on your debut. You're a star!

Happy Tails,
William Tell

Dewey Dewster said...


I need to send my Mom over to check out your movie.....I think she will just swoon at the your sights on the academy awards and get your Mom to talk in the background too...Americans are bloody crazy for British accents.......

Dewey Dewster here.......

Sparky said...

That was great! One of the best of the best videos I've seen!


Koobuss said...


Eric, you are a wonderful performer!! A natural-born star! You've got it all, kiddo--looks, smarts, talent. Can I have a pawtograph??

Love ya!

Koobuss Kisses,

Blue said...

That was amazing, the voice & actions sooooo full of feeling.

A Golden Bone is bound to come your way...

Pats & pets

PS - Is there a follow up set in the snows of April???

Agatha and Archie said...

BRILLIANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Academy Award material!!! We laughed,we cried,we were sitting on the edge of our seats..........We have to tell you,one of this years finest so far...AND if you need a stunt girl,Agatha (being your absolute twin) can fill in for you!!!!!! Love A+A PS Do you have an agent yet????

Girl Girl Hamster said...

I think you'll get an award so for your pawsome acting

~ Girl girl

happy said...

That was brilliant! I'm sure an award is on the way.

Jackson said...

Hey pal, you're a natural. Like a young Olivier, only better! J1 was rather interested that you had to be asked to talk. I talk all the time, but quite a bit louder than that! Hehehe! J x

Stanley said...


Hey, there. I saw you on Koobie's blog, and I've heard all the pupgirls talking about you, and wanted to come by to introduce myself.

I'm Stanley, an almost 2-year-old Airedale Terrier. Come by and visit me and my scary sissy, Stella (she's an almost 1-year-old Lakeland Terrier). You're welcome ANYtime.

I didn't get to meet you at Asta's pawty, but I'm sure we'll see each other around. We have tons of friends in common.

By the way, love your movie. Who was that off camera giving you direction?

Your new goober friend,

umekotyan said...

The time of the movie is lovely.
Astaire's Fred tap dance is contained.
It is a celebrated actor there. :)

from loved ume tyan

Luna "The Scruffy Yacht Dog" said...

Your performance is well worth an Oscar!! Can't wait to see you on the red carpet! What would you wear?

Will there be a UP Close and personal series?

With wagging tail.

Böbe said...

You must be the king of the dancefloor I guess!